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Harmonize the Gmail's signature of your co-workers

Make sure your brand image is integrated in the Gmail signatures from your organization. Manage your email signatures centrally through the Signitic platform.

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One click. One last. It's finish.

Your email signature is a key element. It is seen many times, allows to transmit important information related to your identity but also of your structure (company, association, school...).

Your email signature is a valuable communication channel. Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities you have ?

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Take control and deploy in less than 20 minutes

Harmonized signatures for your employees

Make sure that your co-workers leave a professional and consistent impression in each email they send.

Choose a secure application

no rerouting

No email forwarding


GDPR compliant solution

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Server hosted in France

Sending emails from your iPhone is fine. With a signature it's way better.

Your signature looks exactly the same in all your emails.


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30 days free trial No commitment No CC Easy setup