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Harmonize the Zoho's signature of your co-workers

Make sure your brand image is integrated in the Zoho signatures from your organization. Manage your email signatures centrally through the Signitic platform.

30 days free trial No commitment No CC Easy setup

Setup in a matter of seconds.

One click. One last. It's finish.

Your email signature is a key element. It is seen many times, allows to transmit important information related to your identity but also of your structure (company, association, school...).

Your email signature is a valuable communication channel. Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities you have ?

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They are the ones who say it

(but we couldn't have done better)

Julien, Qonto
500 employees
Signitic is easy to use and fast, with an ultra-reactive team that allowed us to get our hands on the signatures in just a few clicks.

Valérie, Socotrap
60 employees
Signitic offers a tool that is above all simple, quick and efficient to set up, with a team that listens to customer needs.

Hugo, Coldwell Banker®
400 employees
We managed to deploy the solution in less than 48 hours. The Signitic team supported us very efficiently in this phase. Today, all our consultants have a chartered signature, with adaptations according to our different offices.

Antoine, Supertripper
30 employees
Signitic allows us to make the signatures evolve without waiting for the good will of each collaborator. The gains are twofold: Signitic allows us to save precious time, and in terms of brand image it is a real plus: the signatures evolve according to the events we participate in.

Jordan, Germinal
50 employees
Signitic allows us to harmonize our corporate communication with a crazy simplicity! I highly recommend :)

Alice, Eurecia
100 employees
But what efficiency! We changed service providers at the beginning of the year and Signitic was an obvious choice: an intuitive and ultra-easy to use platform, very complete and corresponding 100% to our needs. As for the deployment, only 2 days of configuration included! The customer service is ultra-reactive and requests are processed within the day. Not only are we satisfied, but we're also a fan! Thank you Signitic!

Sacha, Swile
300 employees
We implemented Signitic 1 year ago at Swile in order to meet several needs: harmonize, set up campaigns and analyze the traffic generated. The implementation was done quickly and with great simplicity, the Signitic teams were very available and highly reactive. From an ops point of view, the solution is very simple (maintenance close to 0), complete and allows a real time saving!

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Harmonized signatures for your employees

Make sure that your co-workers leave a professional and consistent impression in each email they send.

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A harmonized signature for your sales force

Find your signature both on Zoho Mail but also on Zoho CRM!

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30 days free trial No commitment No CC Easy setup