Newoldstamp vs Xink

What is the best software for your business? Looking to compare Newoldstamp with Xink? Get a detailed analysis of both solutions.

General infos
Pricing 1.80$ 1.10€
Customer reviews
Language english English
SaaS Software
Minimum number of licenses 5 10
Organization / segmentation
Segmentation by entities
Sous-entités (arborescence)
Segmentation by group/department/service
Multi-brand management
Data inheritance
Management of social networks by entities
Management of the disclaimer
Branding by entity
Automatic segmentation from directory
User management
Bulk change
Support for aliases -
Support for shared mailboxes -
Delegation of signatures -
Social network management by users
Templates catalog
100% customizable template
Creation via a drag&drop tool
Different internal/external model
Signatures allégées réponses/transferts
Assignment by group
Conditions per blocks
Conditions per attributes
User attributes
Entities attributes
Tracking clicks
Assignment by entities, by group, and users
A/B testing
Canva integration or similar
Banner size
GIF support
Calendar view
Different internal/external banners
Inserting a link on the banner
UTM generator
Text format campaign
Tracking clicks
Weekly reports
Export des statistiques
Statistics by users
Statistics by campaigns
Statistics by date (filter)
Advanced features
Server side or embedded images
Attribute modification by collaborators
Custom subdomain in HTTPS
Permission management by entity and by module
Limiting the weight of images
Lighten signature response/transfer
Lighten internal/external signature
vCard® module
Data localization US US, EU, UK, CA, and AU
Google Workspace
Office 365 (Azure AD)
Location of the data centers where your data is stored.
Import of users via CSV
Mapping of the directory fields
Rewriting data
Supported tools
Gmail automatic via API
Outlook 365 automatic via Add-in
Outlook Web Access automatic via Add-in
Outlook 2013 automatic via agent
Outlook 2016 automatic via agent
Outlook 2019 automatic via agent
Apple Mail automatic via agent
Gmail iOS automatic via API
Mail iOS SMTP rerouting
Outlook iOS SMTP rerouting
Android SMTP rerouting
Salesforce automatic via API
via livechat -
by self-service resources
per phonecall
by e-mail/ticket

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Target Internal External Prioritize High Medium Low Assign SIGNITIC (2/4 GROUPS) IT Sales Marketing LYON AGENCY (0/1 GROUP) Human Resources Planning Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun. 18 4 11 25 12 19 5 26 13 20 6 27 14 21 7 28 15 22 8 29 16 1 9 23 30 17 2 10 24 31