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We have been using Signitic for a few months now and we are very satisfied with its offer. The creation of email signatures is complete, the administration is simple and the support is reactive. Moreover, I have noticed in a very short time that the solution regularly evolves with new features such as VCard management. Keep it up!

Peuvrel Outils Diamantés
Olivier, Peuvrel Outils Diamantés


We've been using Signitic for a while now and it's a great tool to personalize signatures. We can highlight our events, recipe ideas etc. and make the images clickable. Great!

Marion, Hari&Co


fast efficient and easy to use

Rida, 4Finance


Signitic is an easy-to-use tool that has really simplified the time-consuming task of employee onboarding. Before, we had to create an email signature for each new employee. Now, all our signatures are centralized and automatically harmonized. With the campaign function, we use the email channel as a real communication channel, just like a newsletter or a social network campaign.

Alexandre, AWAM


Easy-to-use solution with responsive support


Gesundheit · 400 Mitarbeiter

We changed providers at the beginning of the year and Signitic was an obvious choice: an intuitive and ultra-easy-to-use platform, very powerful and matching our needs 100%. As for the deployment, only 2 days including configuration. Not only we are satisfied, but we are also fans. Thank you Signitic!

Alice, Eurecia

Software · 120 Mitarbeiter

Signitic, a plus in our communication! The banner ads are very much appreciated, as well as the uniformity of the signatures.

Elodie, AXTER

Immobilien · 155 Mitarbeiter

We are delighted! Signitic is very useful and easy to use, we can add promotional banners temporarily on our signatures, which gives us a better visibility. Moreover the technical support is fast and very nice! We highly recommend using this application!

Laboratoire HUCKERT'S International
Valérie, Laboratoire HUCKERT'S International

Gesundheit · 50 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is fast and easy to use, with a highly responsive team that enabled us to get our hands on the signatures in just a few clicks.

Groupe Nice-Matin
Olivia, Groupe Nice-Matin

Marketing · 650 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allows IMING to unify its email signatures thanks to a very intuitive tool. The email banners allow us to communicate our news to our clients and partners on a daily basis. What's more, the team is very responsive!

Equipe com, IMING

Rat · 100 Mitarbeiter

We recommend Signitic for your email signatures! It's fast and efficient. The tool is practical and new features are frequently added. The support team is great, well done!

Jean-Didier, BnB


We have been using Signitic for 1 year now and are very satisfied. The use is simple, the signatures are very efficient and professional and allow us to create a real image of our company while highlighting our products. In addition, the team is always listening to us and very available, thank you.

Mirela, Sciado

Ausbildung · 50 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allowed us to quickly harmonize all our signatures. Thanks to the "My Campaigns" function, our emails have become additional sales vectors.

Alexandre, U'RSELF

Software · 50 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a practical and extremely intuitive tool that allows our client, Profeno, to automate its marketing campaigns for each employee and each department. The interface is easy to use, the connector with Outlook and Apple Mail helps us to manage all the accounts we have in an efficient way, in one click.

Damien, Vistalaro


Signitic allowed us to easily manage the signatures for our 600 employees spread over 4 different brands. Thank you to the Signitic teams who supported us during this deployment.

Jean-Loup, Mistertemp’

Rekrutierung · 600 Mitarbeiter

An application that allows you to deliver marketing messages at the right time via the best channels available: the emails of the company's employees. The granularity is great, you can manage specific messages by user group. At Rocket, this allows us to send personalized messages to each campus with specific banners while keeping space for national communication. I recommend it!

Rocket School
Cyril, Rocket School

Ausbildung · 50 Mitarbeiter

A very good onboarding, a very clear application to take in hand, a very reactive support team, we feel in confidence! I recommend it 100%.

Frederic, AlumnForce


Very good tool, well thought out. Very reactive support and good advice!

SOMEO Solutions
Benoit, SOMEO Solutions


Initially a customer of a competing solution, we quickly decided to turn to Signitic. This solution allows us to efficiently manage our email signatures for our 8 business units. All this with a great simplicity of deployment and an excellent support of the teams. I recommend the solution!

DIMO Software
Hervé, DIMO Software

Software · 470 Mitarbeiter

We love Signitic! It's so easy to use! We looked for and tested different solutions but Signitic met all our expectations. We recommend it!

Mosaic Retail
Grégory, Mosaic Retail


To try it is to adopt it! Signitic is an essential tool for understanding signature media. It's easy to use and provides a high degree of autonomy. Our teams are delighted and are developing more and more campaigns.

GL Events
Julie, GL Events

Dienst · 500 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a simple solution to manage email signatures in a global and efficient way. The plus? Communication campaigns and customer support always at the top!



The Signitic platform is very intuitive. If you have any questions, the customer service team responds in record time and the problem is solved. Very easy to use, the personalised email campaigns with the Canva creation tool is a real plus to highlight our communications.

50 Partners
Bénédicte, 50 Partners

Rat · 150 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allowed us to centralize the signatures of the entire team in less than 10 minutes! No more tedious integrations, no more improvised signatures, the marketing department is back in charge! I can only recommend this service, which is by far the most efficient in this area (we have tested others before). Moreover, a special mention for the reactive and very friendly support team!

Sébastien, FinovUp


Signitic it's an easy and friendly tool, with an efficient team that allowed us to deploy signatures in a few clicks.

Julien, Qonto

Software · 500 Mitarbeiter

Signitic has enabled us to set up a simplified process for the email signatures of all our employees. The Signitic consultants are available to answer all our questions as well as our technical needs.

Happy to meet you
Fanny, Happy to meet you

Rekrutierung · 80 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is quick and easy to use, with a very responsive team that allowed us to get our hands on the signatures in a few clicks.

Lamour du Web
Frédéric, Lamour du Web


Great communication solution! All this with an intuitive tool and many integrations.

Maxime, Proxycom


Signitic is easy to use and simplifies the management of signatures. The most valuable aspect of this service is the availability of the Signitic teams, who are very responsive to the slightest question or request for assistance.

Marine, MixConcept


A responsive team, a simple product that meets all our expectations, and at a good price. No need to look any further!

Fabien, Netheos

Software · 50 Mitarbeiter

Optimize the "e-mail" communication channel to boost our brand image and generate more leads with our BtoB customers. We highly recommend Signitic!

Coralie, Carglass

Dienst · 3000 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allows me to manage all of my employees' Gmail signatures and to push different content depending on the team and the event (trade shows, webinars, news, etc.). The app is very easy to use and allows us to anticipate all our campaigns! Very easy to set up and a very responsive support team ;)

Justin, Mercateam


Thanks to Signitic, we have improved our brand image and our professionalism. Employees also have a better understanding of each other's jobs and services. The common signature unites, reassures and engages!

Tamara, WebForce

Ausbildung · 170 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is the tool made in France that allowed us to simplify and centralize the creation of signatures for our different entities on a single tool!

Once for All
Inès, Once for All

Software · 200 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a product that is very simple to implement and that completely meets our growth challenges, managed by an expert team, it is a very good everyday tool!

Yohan, VO2 GROUP

Rat · 70 Mitarbeiter

Signtic is simply the best tool for creating signatures. Simple to use and very efficient, their team is also extremely reactive in case of questions. I recommend them!

Benoit, Finishers


After several tool searches and tests, we opted for the Signitic solution to harmonize our employees' e-mail signatures. We're very happy with it, because it's intuitive, easy to use and agile, and enables us to track all our communication campaigns. The support is ultra-reactive, which is exactly what we were looking for. I recommend Signitic!

Céline, ACORUS

Handel · 400 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is very practical for all companies that want to have professional signatures and a simple and complete management tool. The teams are very available.

Gekko Group
Elodie, Gekko Group

Tourismus · 300 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is an intuitive and easy-to-use email signature management solution that saves precious time! Since Gifts for Change uses it, we communicate more easily on our news and we can control our brand image in a few clicks.

Gifts for change
Claire, Gifts for change


Easy to use email signature management tool, with fast and pleasant customer support, always looking for improvements (new features). A marketing bonus thanks to the advertising banners.

Rafaelle, Swapcard

Software · 250 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allows us to harmonize our corporate communication with a crazy simplicity! I highly recommend it :)

Jordan, Germinal

Ausbildung · 50 Mitarbeiter

As a marketer, Signitic makes my day-to-day life easier, but especially that of my colleagues! I don't have to chase anyone to harmonise the signature or to rotate banners!

Alma, Clardian

Software · 70 Mitarbeiter

Easy to implement and very much appreciated by all the group's employees. It really helps to improve the company's image!

City Pro
Coralie, City Pro


What a time saver since we started using Signitic for our signatures! No more layout problems, inconsistent signatures and users with banners from the previous Christmas... It's simple, fast and intuitive! Long live Signitic!

Sylvain, Jho,

Industrie · 50 Mitarbeiter

The Signitic solution is easy to use and allows us to harmonise the email signatures of our employees, to fully control the graphic charter and to optimise the management of campaigns. The responsiveness of the support service is also a real plus.

Mathilde, AURA AERO

Industrie · 120 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is an easy to use application. All our employees are delighted.

Mégane, SensoPur


Our company has been using Signitic for about a year. It's a great tool that makes it very easy to create signatures and signature banners for our teams. We can create and schedule our campaigns and even customize them by service for example. You also have access to statistics to track the number of clicks per signature. Great for our marketing campaigns. There was a bug once, the online consultant was very responsive and did what was necessary to fix the problem. And finally, excellent value for money. In short, I recommend it.

SafetyFirst Formation
Sara, SafetyFirst Formation


We have been choosing the Signitic tool for almost a year now and we are very satisfied with its offer. The customisation of email signatures is very quick and consists of a lot of tools. The administrative part is easy to understand and the support is responsive. Heerion is more than ever happy to work with Signitic!

Stéphane, Heerion


The implementation in our IS was done quickly and easily thanks to the support of Signitic's teams. The tool allows a better management of the brand image as well as a complete control of the communication campaigns, and in full simplicity. The customer service is attentive and very responsive. I highly recommend Signitic!

CIBTP France
Sébastien, CIBTP France

Öffentlich · 170 Mitarbeiter

After trying out several signature tools, we chose Signitic, whose solution is simple, user-friendly and effective. The follow-up (customer and technical) is also top notch. In short, I recommend them without hesitation.

Ronald, Altea


We are satisfied with the Signitic platform and highly recommend it! It's an easy to use tool, very well organized. Moreover, if there is a problem, the Customer Service is very reactive!

Let's Clic
Karine, Let's Clic


We chose Signitic as our new email signature solution. The implementation went well despite our complex environment. The support is very responsive, and always finds solutions to our requirements. Some points are still to be improved, but new features and evolutions are regularly made available.

CCI Grand Est
Michel, CCI Grand Est

Öffentlich · 900 Mitarbeiter

Very easy to use, with a responsive and efficient customer service, 100% made in France, the Signitic platform allows us to benefit from modern and dynamic email signatures, which are totally in line with our image of "agitators" of business consulting.

Yannick, Exemplary


It's simple Signitic to change our lives :-) It may be a bit strong, but the solution is incredibly simple to stop the headache of standardizing signatures for the company. The campaign system allows to push additional information... In short, an ESSENTIAL tool to improve the quality of the company's image.

Romain, Kazeo


Signitic is in 2 words simple and easy. But also pleasant and functional and it is mostly a team of enthusiasts, who listen and respond to the needs of its customers. From the first sales exchange, to the deployment of email signatures in our association, the support has been top notch! I highly recommend Signitic!


Verein · 280 Mitarbeiter

Looking for a simple solution to harmonize and maintain our email signatures, we chose Signitic. Simple to deploy without being an IT expert and easy to make professional signatures. Recommended without hesitation for organizations like ours with a human size and without dedicated IT organization. Thank you Signitic!

Cabinet New Executive Search Solution
Eric, Cabinet New Executive Search Solution


I find the tool easy to use and a great way to standardize signatures across an organization. Friendly and quick service when we need assistance.



With a growing workforce, several geographical locations, and a new graphic charter to integrate, Signitic allowed us to integrate everything automatically. No more copy/paste in the end-users' settings with link errors and so many different fonts/logos. Now everything is smooth and online. The click tracking will also help us to measure the interactions of our signatures and campaigns. To be recommended +++

Groupe ID
Yoann, Groupe ID

Rat · 50 Mitarbeiter

Over and above the graphic quality of the signatures created via Signitic, this tool has enabled us to gain in consistency, unify our e-mail communication and set up effective marketing campaigns. The tool is easy to use, and the team is always on hand to answer any questions!

École Terrade
Patricia, École Terrade

Ausbildung · 1000 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is functional, user-friendly and intuitive. The fact that you can program a campaign over a specific or unlimited period of time is very convenient. Moreover, having already dealt with the support, they are responsive and accommodating!

Auriane, Lockimmo


Signitic allows us to easily deploy our new branding on email signatures with banners in an intuitive way and without any action from our employees. It is for us a very practical all-in-one solution with a team always available and reactive to answer our questions.

Geoffrey, Visionix

Gesundheit · 700 Mitarbeiter

We are very satisfied with the solution, very easy to use. And the Signitic teams are very reactive.

Loyalty Company
Lauriana, Loyalty Company

Marketing · 120 Mitarbeiter

A great solution that provides a lot of services at a very low price. However, I don't even use the campaigns fully yet, which are however very efficient. Some complexities of installation and design the first weeks but the Signitic team is ultra responsive (and even listening to suggestions in terms of features), I never had a problem that was not solved in a few hours. Not far from a 5/5!

Clément, Sohoros


Great platform! I make very nice signatures and banners. It is very easy to use. The after sales service is very reactive. I recommend !.

Brigitte Croff Conseil
Léa, Brigitte Croff Conseil


Signitic is a complete and easy-to-use tool for harmonized signatures that make a difference!

Dense Fluid Degreasing
Antoine, Dense Fluid Degreasing


Signitic is first of all a very professional email signature, and it is above all a very good, flexible and efficient communication channel.

Eric, Socorège


Signitic allows us to react quickly to a change of tool. The teams are responsive and help us to improve our communication.

HTS BIO Laboratories
Andréa, HTS BIO Laboratories


We have been using Signitic for a few months now. As a franchise network with over 70 locations, Signitic makes our life easier by centralizing all signatures and allows us to create marketing campaigns easily. The team is very dynamic and reactive when we need advice for the optimization of our signatures or our campaigns.

Maxime, WashandCheck


An excellent automated email signature management solution. A hyper responsive team, with a real sense of service, always in a good mood! COURIR POUR ELLES is delighted to use the Signitic solution, with no regrets.

Courir pour ELLES
Sophie, Courir pour ELLES


Signitic gives us the possibility to harmonize simply and quickly all the collaborators' signatures, and to gain in agility and flexibility while keeping a perfect management of the brand image.

Euridis Business School
Kevin, Euridis Business School

Ausbildung · 140 Mitarbeiter

We have been using Signitic for more than a year now and we are very satisfied with this solution. It's a very easy to use, flexible and convenient platform. We recommend it!

Thomas, AMS


Signitic allowed us to harmonize and automate easily the signature updates of our employees. A very easy to use platform that saves us precious time and allows us to easily calculate our return on investment.

Terres de France
Pierre, Terres de France

Tourismus · 90 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a simple and intuitive tool that allows me to update the signatures of my entire team in once.

Amina, FinovUp


We use Signitic to manage the signatures of our collaborators, it is an easy to use and practical tool when it comes to generalize a signature on hundreds of users from the back-office, we have the possibility to create our own templates and also manage several domain names, we also use it to push the campaign of each month on a banner that we can modify in a few clicks. The support team also listens easily reachable from the chat and it takes only 5 minutes maximum to answer and they do not hesitate to schedule a call with me during the day to solve a problem. I recommend!

Saad, Kitea

Handel · 321 Mitarbeiter

A great company that even answers emails on weekends when we deployed on Friday night. Super service very rewarding

Samuel, WeLoge

Immobilien · 90 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is essential in our communication strategy. The tool allows us to plan multiple campaigns of adapted e-mail signatures.

Michaël, Nouveal


This solution was chosen by mutual agreement with the communication and IT departments. Signitic offers ease of use through its simplified administration and therefore a rapid appropriation of the product. This with a fast and efficient support. When technology and business agree who says better 😊

CMA France
Martine, CMA France

Öffentlich · 225 Mitarbeiter

We looked at several solutions before selecting Signitic as our partner to deliver the best for our customers. The team behind Signitic managed to design a fairly advanced platform while keeping it user-friendly. We congratulate them for this young and mature solution! A small nod also to the technical support which is very friendly.

Access Leader
Fehd, Access Leader


I discovered Signitic at the very beginning of their adventure and since then I have deployed the tool in all the companies I have worked with. Signitic has become an obvious way to manage email signatures, but also campaigns thanks to the various integrations offered. It's easy to learn and Signitic saves a lot of time afterwards. Whether you have a small team or a large number of employees and branches, the tool makes it easy to strengthen your branding.

Cherry Pick
Renan, Cherry Pick


Signitic is powerful, easy to use and allows me to highlight the various services, an essential for any company because the signature can be modified easily, and the responsiveness of the team is perfect, I recommend 100%.

Fabien, Pixom


Signitic is the perfect tool to harmonize the email signatures of employees and the automation with Office 365 Outlook is a huge time saver. The templates are very easy to create or modify and the campaign scheduling option allows us to plan our banners several months in advance. In addition to all that, the technical support is super responsive via online chat, it's a perfect fit.

Stéphane, Safigec

Rat · 200 Mitarbeiter

Signitic has enabled us to automate signatures and make them more reliable for all our employees, in a simple and intuitive way. The ability to manage several models corresponding to our different activities is a real plus. It saves time and increases efficiency!

Mutualité Française du Jura
Hélène, Mutualité Française du Jura

Gesundheit · 200 Mitarbeiter

The Signitic solution is simple, user-friendly and efficient, just like its support team.

Yann, Neurosys


After a few weeks of research and testing of competing solutions. I am glad to have chosen Signitic and I recommend it to my network immediately. An efficient solution and a very attentive support.

Yohan, VO2

Rat · 370 Mitarbeiter

A platform adopted without any difficulty! Intuitive and easy to use, we were able to set it up very quickly. The support is really great, very responsive and attentive. The time saved in managing our team's signatures and the effectiveness of the campaigns set up is more than appreciable. We recommend it!

Auréline, WEKEY


Signitic is easy to learn, as is the administration aspect; it is an easy tool to understand and use.

Sybill, Ÿnsect

Industrie · 450 Mitarbeiter

Signitic allows us to make the signatures evolve without depending of each collaborator. The benefit is double: We saves precious time and the brand identity of the signatures evolves according to our events.



The application is really simple and well designed, the support is just great! What more can we say when we are so satisfied: Keep it up guys !

Romain, Clovis


Our problem concerned the management and standardisation of our email signatures. With Signitic, we deployed the solution very quickly with a very responsive support (response with resolution of the problem in less than 30 minutes). A tool that really makes our life easier.


Industrie · 50 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is very easy to set up via Google Workspace and brings an excellent flexibility to the campaigns. In addition, the interface is very well done!

François, OUR(S)


We are very satisfied with Signitic's service, the customer service is very responsive and the tool is regularly updated!

Valoris Avocats
Laurine, Valoris Avocats


We were looking for a solution to manage our signatures, we tested several and then found Signitic. We implemented the solution in a few minutes, it's simple and very efficient, the time saving is appreciable, the interface modern and the support reactive. I highly recommend it.

Vincent, 2-M


As a Google Workspace manager, I was looking for a simple and efficient solution to manage our employees' email signatures. The solution that Signitic offers has largely met my expectations. By offering a service of management and personalization of e-mail signatures of quality and ease of use. I strongly recommend it.

André, Tempora

Marketing · 50 Mitarbeiter

The switch to Signitic (over a year ago) has been synonymous with growth for us. The tool is now a full part of our HR integration process and allows us to make the slightest signature change via a simple and intuitive interface. Signitic is thus fully included in our communication strategy. Last proof of its efficiency: in the middle of a brand transition from alertgasoil to fleetenergies, the switchover took maximum 3 minutes!

Fleet Energies
Alexia, Fleet Energies

Software · 80 Mitarbeiter

We are very satisfied with the platform, previously we were on a competing platform where the quality/price ratio was less present. Signitic allowed us to easily manage the signatures of our entire team and to integrate communication campaigns. The solution today makes the previously manual and time-consuming updating work pleasant. I highly recommend the solution.

James, Yield


Signitic is simple and powerful! Without being an IT expert, I was able to manage all my colleagues' signatures and deploy them easily. I recommend their service!

Lathion-Frères SA
Frédéric, Lathion-Frères SA


Signitic is a practical and easy-to-use tool to unify all the signatures of our members within our association. The application is simple and allows to configure our users in a fast and easy way. The interface for creating "templates" in "drag and drop" mode is practical for creating our signature models very quickly.

PRIDE Toulouse
Jérémy, PRIDE Toulouse


A particularly well-made and simple tool, which has allowed WeLoop to rapidly accelerate its notoriety. Bravo Signitic! :)

Victor, WeLoop


The implementation of Signitic at Swile was done quickly and with great simplicity, the Signitic teams made themselves very available and are extremely reactive. From an ops point of view, the solution is ultra simple (maintenance close to 0) and allows a real saving of time!

Sacha, Swile

Software · 670 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a very reliable and competitive service compared to its competitors. I highly recommend it!

Emmanuel, UPLIX


In charge of communication for an international group, Signitic is for me the most adapted solution to make sure that our employees respect the graphic identity in their email. This solution also allows me to remotely manage email marketing campaigns adapted to each of our subsidiaries, without having to involve our employees. The daily "clicks" report is a valuable tool for monitoring our campaigns. The availability of the SIGNITIC teams during the implementation of the solution is excellent.

Groupe CEA
Mélanie, Groupe CEA

Versicherung · 160 Mitarbeiter

The challenge of standardising our email signatures was a real one within our organisation. With Signitic, I was able to deploy the solution in a very short time and we now all have the same signature that I personnalize according to our brand. It's easy to use and the support is super responsive, as I've seen recently. We really have a person on the other side of the chat, it's nice!

Carrelage et Bain
Jeremy, Carrelage et Bain


Signitic solved our problems of standardizing e-mails and managing our charter and communications. Their partnership with Google is a huge advantage. The tool is ergonomic, allowing us to work on our signatures with ease. The strong point for us is the direct integration with Canva, which considerably simplifies the personalization of our signatures.

Caroline, Clextral

Industrie · 400 Mitarbeiter

We found in Signitic an easy-to-use solution that allowed us to harmonize our signatures and centralize our communication campaigns via this channel. The customer service and the team are very reactive and attentive!

Asept InMed
Mathilde, Asept InMed

Gesundheit · 110 Mitarbeiter

Dynamic and interactive signature solution! The possibilities are endless and the customer service/support is efficient and responsive. I recommend them!

Sabrina, GROUPE GB

Immobilien · 400 Mitarbeiter

A very good signature tool with all the needed features! Highly recommended !



A customer service always available and a powerful tool! Thank you for this solution that allowed us to harmonize our signatures very quickly and facilitate their update. It saves us time on a daily basis to control our image or generate banners easily thanks to CANVA.

Cindy, SENFA


Signitic is a simple and powerful software. It allows us to customize relevant marketing campaigns according to the services. The Signitic teams are very responsive and attentive.

Morgane, ISADEC


Fun, very practical and easy to use. The evolutions with the Add-in are also welcome to gain in efficiency for our e-mail communications

Stéphanie, Vertal


We were looking for a simple, fast and efficient solution to harmonise the signatures of all our employees, but also to carry out marketing campaigns to highlight our company's news. Signitic allows us to centralise the management of these functions. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time. Moreover, it is an essential tool for brand identity. Thank you to the Signitic team for the deployment of this tool and their availability. Translated with (free version)

Cynthiana, Enerfip


Signitic has enabled us to have personalised and interactive signatures in line with our new group identity. A solution that is easy to use and evolve, and a team that is responsive and that has accompanied us well in the changeover of our signatures.

CF - Compagnie Fiduciaire
Aurore, CF - Compagnie Fiduciaire

Rat · 1100 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is simply the best signature management solution available. Very permissive and easy to use, Signitic saves me a lot of time.

Atelier Katanga
Thibault, Atelier Katanga


The solution proposed by Signitic is easy to use and saves a lot of time in managing the email signatures of employees.



SIGNITIC offers a new way of communication to our company thanks to the communication banners and allows us to better manage our email signatures.

CS Media
Laura, CS Media


Signitic is a powerful tool, easy to use and very accessible financially. The responsiveness of the team is perfect which is a real plus, I highly recommend it!

Henri, Perlib


It's THE easy, intuitive and optimized email signature management platform. THE big bonus: a pleasant, available and responsive support service!

P&P Promotions
Catherine, P&P Promotions


Intuitive solution, ease of use and responsive support make Signitic a great email management tool!

Camille, Stann


Having changed our graphic identity last summer, Signitic was a great ally in deploying it quickly and on all our employees' signatures. The flexibility and ergonomics of the platform make it possible to create campaigns and signatures in a few clicks. It's great!

AS Saint-Étienne
Thomas, AS Saint-Étienne

Sport · 150 Mitarbeiter

A solution that standardized our signatures. Pro look, easy to use and simple to set up.

ADN Family
Hélène, ADN Family

Immobilien · 300 Mitarbeiter

Signitic is a simple and functional tool. It is ideal to communicate internally and with your customers. The interface is very well thought out and the tool connects perfectly with our email solution: Gmail. Regular updates improve the tool and the team is very reactive.

Groupe PAROT
Yann, Groupe PAROT

Handel · 630 Mitarbeiter

Signitic: a tool that is easy to use and simple to integrate. The management of user groups personalizes our signatures in a relevant way and the communication campaigns are a real marketing asset. Moreover, the teams are always available if needed.

ZBO Media
Antoine, ZBO Media


We decided to use Signitic to manage all our mail signatures more easily. The tool is very easy to set up and use, and is a real time-saver!

Marine, IZI by EDF

review.industry.400 Mitarbeiter

Simple, effective and easy to implement, the tool enabled us to harmonise all the signatures but also to customise them by department! In addition, the platform that allows us to centralise the management and creation of these signatures is intuitive. In short, we couldn't do without it! Thank you Lyon 🇫🇷

Claire, Agendize


Very easy to use, the automation for all employees is very useful and a real time saver. The Signitic staff are very responsive to the rare problems we encounter. I recommend it!

Sarah, Portify


Signitic is a simple tool for personalizing our signatures and planning our communications with our 3,000 employees. The Signitic team is responsive and adapts to our requests.

Groupe Hervé
Lucie, Groupe Hervé

Industrie · 3000 Mitarbeiter

We are very satisfied with Signitic, easy to use and very efficient to update elements and keep signatures perfectly harmonized within the team, it also allows us to manage our communication banners at the bottom of the signature. With the weekly report that highlights the statistics, it is a tool that perfectly meets our internal needs. I recommend it.

Alexis, BusinessFirst


This tool for centralizing e-mail signatures fully meets our needs. Signitic is a simple and local solution. The support is always there if needed. A remark, an idea? we just have to submit it and within a day, a solution is proposed.

Cédric, CGA

Industrie · 205 Mitarbeiter

We use Signitic to harmonise the email signatures of our employees. The solution is easy to use and the configuration is quick. It is very easy to create campaigns, and the Canva connector is a real plus.

Barbara, Optimistik


SYMTA PIÈCES chose Signitic in order to harmonize its Outlook signatures, and to communicate on its several commercial offers using programmable advertising campaigns. The particularity of our environment (RDS Windows 2016), required a specific development to make the Signitic application work. We particularly appreciated the availability of the support teams, who helped us solve the problems we faced.


Handel · 160 Mitarbeiter

I appreciate the Signitic service, which is rather easy to use, and the communication with CANVA for the execution of the campaigns is really a plus. So my experience has been positive.

Yann, Dyatek


Disappointed by the French leader of the e-mail signature market, we turned to Signitic and are fully satisfied! The service works very well, the interface is clear and fluid, the Signitic connector is compatible with the French market leader in e-mail signatures, we turned to Signitic and are fully satisfied! The service works very well, the interface is clear and fluid, the Signitic connector is compatible with the Apple Mail software (an important argument for us), their commercial policy is simple and the support is very reactive; in short, everything is going well! We are so satisfied that we wanted to develop a partnership with Signitic in order to offer their service to our customers as well. Translated with (free version)

Jean-Maxime, Easylia


Our organization is in an IOS environment, and since the installation of Signitic I can remotely manage all the signatures & campaigns of my collaborators with ease. I recommend this solution with my eyes closed!

Alexandre, Syst'aimeD


A tool whose power is unimaginable! Signitic is very easy to use, I generate dozens of new leads every month thanks to the personalized signatures, especially when I organize a webinar! I love it :)

Alexandre, AntVoice


I have rarely been able to appreciate such great responsiveness with professionalism, lightness and humor. Bravo and thank you!

Réjane, UpYourBizz

Marketing · 100 Mitarbeiter

Signitic has really become an essential tool in our company. It can be deployed very quickly and easily. Beyond the simple signature, Signitic allows us to broadcast our news to our customers and prospects without any action from the employees. I recommend it with pleasure.

Mai 69
Jérémy, Mai 69


Great tool with fast support if needed !

Valoris Avocats
Laurine, Valoris Avocats


As we are expanding internationally, we needed a tool that would allow us to manage the signatures of each employee working in different territories. Thanks to the segmentation proposed in the tool, we were able to meet this need. The management of the campaigns is done perfectly, which allows us to promote different campaigns according to the territories. Integration with Gmail & SFDC is top notch. A hyper reactive support

Florian, DIDOMI

Software · 125 Mitarbeiter

IMVOC wanted to have a uniform email signature for all its members, while improving our external communication. Thanks to Signitic it's done! The interface is simple and intuitive. The different options allow to adapt and refine the communication according to our wishes. The last Add-in allows a transparent deployment for all uses (Office 365 in web mail or Outlook application). We are looking forward to the Microsoft update so that our Signitic signatures can be retrieved from tablets and smartphones. In case of difficulties, the Signitic team is reactive and pleasant.

Groupe IMVOC
Léo, Groupe IMVOC


Signitic is an easy-to-use and intuitive software. It offers a useful variety of any form of signature.

Africa Power Services
Paloma, Africa Power Services

Rat · 120 Mitarbeiter

With a user-friendly platform, very responsive support and affordable prices, Signitic is a great solution for delivering content and news to employees' signatures, and reinforcing brand identity. I recommend it.

Alexandre, Calldesk


Signitic is for us the perfect tool to synchronize the email signatures of our employees. The templates are very easy to create and modify and the automatic integration of newcomers within the company via their Google account is a huge time saver. The campaign calendar allows us to plan our banners several months in advance. In addition, the technical service is super responsive via the online chat.

Rémi, Qualisocial


Signitic: a tool that is easy to integrate and very user friendly. Simple to use for managing user groups with truly customizable signatures and for broadcasting communication campaigns.

Fashion data
Hélène, Fashion data


We deployed the software in less than 48 hours and the Signitic team supported us very efficiently. Today, all of our consultants have a customized signature according to our locations.

Coldwell Banker
Hugo, Coldwell Banker

Immobilien · 400 Mitarbeiter

Easy to use and to set up, Signitic is the perfect tool to complete the tracking of our leads.

Grégory, AXYS

Rat · 240 Mitarbeiter

Signitic offers an easy and efficient tool, with a team that listens to its customers.

Valérie, Socotrap

Immobilien · 60 Mitarbeiter

A simple, intuitive solution that enabled us to get up to speed quickly and efficiently. Our marketing campaigns have a real impact, right down to the signature of our employees, who become true ambassadors. The assistance and support are responsive. To sum up: Signitic is fantastic!

Les Iles Paul Ricard
Yannick, Les Iles Paul Ricard

Tourismus · 110 Mitarbeiter

I find the solution very simple to set up, to understand... Technically with Outlook we didn't encounter any difficulties and this is a real plus for us! Thank you for your initiative.

Marion, SHakeR


Very easy to use tool to create email signatures for your collaborators. Communication banners is also very useful for us who often have content or participate in various events. We recommend it!

Software · 300 Mitarbeiter