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How to communicate over email signatures

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Push the right content at the right time

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Don't ask every employee to put up banners anymore, and don't have that same banner that's out of date 6 months later in the signature!


Segment your employees

Communication is good, segmented communication is better.

Your sales team will have a much better ROI with a white paper banner while your HR will have a higher click rate on a page that redirect to employee interviews.


Track your performance

And so boost your ROI!

The most important thing in marketing is to keep track of our campaign analytics. There is no other way to improve them. Give yourself the ability to estimate the impact of your marketing efforts.

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Hit the bull's-eye

with impactful signatures

Through our experience, our clients have multiplied x2 the number of clicks on their signatures and communication banners thanks to professional signatures, but above all thanks to animated banners that catch the eye of your contacts

You got it: Signitic allows you to insert animated images in your signatures!

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30 days free trial No commitment No CC Easy setup