5 email signatures for the summer

5 email signatures for the summer

Is it difficult to create email banners in the summer, when your employees and customers are going on holiday? Summer is nevertheless a good time for communication!

To help you, we share 5 ideas of topics to communicate during this period. Of course, we have illustrated these ideas with the email signatures of some familiar people...

1- Wish: "Happy Holidays" to your interlocutors
It's simple, effective and appropriate. This idea may seem light-hearted to you, but wishing your prospects, clients and employees a good holiday can be useful for several reasons :
- First of all you create sympathy in your community.
- Secondly, you adapt your editorial strategy according to current events: a technique very much appreciated by users.

2- Share your advice to prepare for the new school year
For employees who are not on leave, or at least not yet, this quieter period can allow them to devote themselves to different tasks, including anticipating the start of the new school year.

It may be interesting to communicate them a plan of action to adopt in order to prepare the next school year in order to live it more serenely. When it comes to serenity, you can trust Master Yoda.

3- Surf on your events
If you organize events at the end of the year or at the beginning of the school year, it may be relevant to start communicating about them.

Announcing the dates of your events in advance gives your prospects and clients the time they need to consult the content of your events: this can encourage their signup. We know that when our calendar is busy, it is easier to decline invitations...

4- Share your contests
Summer is a better time to adopt a less formal, more "fun" talk. Now is the time to create contests in order to energize your brand image and create a more authentic proximity with your communities.

If your company organizes contests during the summer, it needs an adequate email communication banner. Especially when it comes to games with pirates...

5- Communicate about your business operations
This advice may seem curious, but this is for sure: competition is less tough in the summer period because many brands limit their communication.

It's a great opportunity to present your new offers for the back-to-school season, your commercial operations or share content with your email campaigns.

This article is finished, we hope you enjoyed it!
Stay tuned, more tips are coming soon on the blog!