5 problems to solve with your email signatures

5 problems to solve with your email signatures

Let's do a test. Ask yourself, "What are the messages I'm putting out on my social networks and communication channels right now?"

  • Option 1: I announce the reopening of my business on my email communication banner.
  • Option 2: I inform users about the new postponement date of our consumer training.

In the end the issue is not so important. The question would rather be to ask you: "What messages are currently being broadcast that can help my users?” In terms of content strategy, it is essential that your users check your communications for good reasons.

One of those reasons could be: looking for useful solutions. Your users will be interested in your content because you offer an answer to their need. So, in a post-pandemic context, helping your users answer their questions about getting back to business can be beneficial. The process is simple: you help your users, they enjoy your content and come back for more.

To convince you and help to support your users in this process, we have prepared some examples of the issues they face:

1- "I want to rent / buy a book without going to the library"

Are you a library or another type of business and have proposed new digital services? Inform your users about these new features, this new service, especially if it is a new "Drive" service!

You have probably created a landing page about it on your site and distributed communication elements. You can create your communication banner in your email signature and complete it with a call to action redirecting to your landing page. This is an interesting trick if you want to help and guide your users towards detailed and useful content.

2- "My subscription is suspended, I wish to reactivate it".

Does your company offer subscription packages and sports programs? Your customers' accounts have certainly been suspended during the lockdown and the time has come for them to reactivate them. This is where the question arises, "How do you do it?"

This issue is most likely encountered by most of your customers. It would be interesting to integrate a dedicated solution in your FAQ section on your website or on your social networks.

Think about creating a communication banner in your email signatures and include a call to action to the section or FAQ dedicated to the resolution of this problem. Not only will your sales teams save time but your users will be more easily satisfied if they can go back to their gym without any trouble.

3- "I want to go to the restaurant but I don't know the new measures to go back"

Your restaurant has probably reopened recently and this is great news, but it can raise a lot of questions for your customers.

Communicating these changes is essential for your customers as well as for your business recovery. In your email signature you can include a banner that directs the customer to make a reservation.

If the user is redirected to your reservation form and the form has been redesigned, it will include information such as: "Don't forget to bring a mask to move between your table and the restaurant premises". This will reassure your users about your established sanitary measures and the possibility to eat simply.

4- "I would like to be advised on a product or service but I can't reach a sales representative within the company".

Your company has probably chosen to mobilize with remote teams through teleworking. However, it is important to maintain proximity with your customers, despite the distance.

To simplify exchanges and help users who need advice, you can use your email signatures. To do this: you need an email signature accompanied by a communication banner on which to propose an appointment with a sales representative. Your users will be able to contact, be advised and be able to identify the salesperson for further information.

5- "I would like to find the conference organized during the confinement on the theme that interests me".

Your company was able to offer online content during the pandemic period, which is good. The content shared at these conferences probably helped your users. To continue to help them, it would be interesting to maintain access to this content. If your conferences are available in replay or hosted on video platforms, on your social networks, inform your users.

Using a banner you can both share content that is useful for a user who did not participate in the event or give the opportunity to a participant to view the conference again.

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