Email signatures: Canva is now integrated with Signitic

Email signatures: Canva is now integrated with Signitic

It's official, Canva, the graphic design platform is now available on the Signitic tool! Recognized for its simplicity and accessibility, Canva has just been integrated into our solution to help you enhance your communication messages. From now on, you have the power to improve your email signatures without the help of a graphic designer!

You can create, modify and import your Canva banners directly to Signitic. To do so, go to the "Campaigns" section then "Create a new campaign". Discover some ideas of messages to use on your visuals, according to your sector of activity.

1) Communicate about your commercial operations

Your company is organizing a punch operation and offers promotions of -50% on your products? Communicate about this promotion and its duration in order to trigger the purchase from your targets. After all, who has never given in to an impulse purchase?

2) Share your events

Your event is finished, the organization is almost finished, you just have to welcome your public? WARNING! do not neglect the communication phase, which is essential in event planning, especially if you do not want to find yourself with a number of people well below your estimates.

If you are in this phase, this is the perfect opportunity to create a visual with Canva and include it as a communication banner to remind your contacts of the date and content of the event. Don't forget to integrate a call-to-action redirecting to a registration form or an email address to simplify the registration of your participants.

3) Announce your new identity

New logo, new brand name: here is an essential piece of news that you need to communicate to your targets! A simple, high-impact communication banner will enhance your new identity and make it easier for your target audiences to remember. Repetition combined with simplicity will always make a winning combination!

4) Broadcast your brand content

Do you create regular branded content? It's perfect! Use your communication banner to share your latest e-book, white paper or announce the arrival of a new blog post.

5) Relay your videos

Have you just created an IGTV behind-the-scenes video of your company? Share it with all your contacts! The same applies if you produce podcasts: you can broadcast them on your communication banners to announce it and encourage people to read it.

Our 2 cents? To evaluate the impact of your visuals created with Canva, don't hesitate to consult your statistics directly on the Signitic tool, in the dedicated page. You will then be able to observe the evolution of your number of clicks and compare it between your old visuals and those created with Canva. If the number of clicks increases, this may also be the result of an optimization of your call-to-action.

This article is finished, we hope it has been useful for you. Stay tuned for new articles coming soon on Signitic's blog!