How to track your email signatures with Google Analytics

How to track your email signatures with Google Analytics

You want to measure the impact of your work, understand where your traffic is coming from and analyse it: are you wondering which tool to use? This article is for you! Here is the procedure to follow to reach your goal:

Google Analytics your best ally

Simple to use, its primary objective is to analyse your audience. It will allow you to track the traffic on your website, telling you where your audience comes from, the actions they do and much more.

Your email signatures are an integral part of your marketing campaigns, so it is important to be able to measure their impact. At Signitic you can easily measure your click through rates on your different campaigns.

By using the click tracking of your signature you will understand where your audience comes from, their needs and how they behave on your website.

1) I create a UTM tracking parameter

UTM: Urchin Tracking Module, is a method that allows you to identify and track the traffic coming (in our case) from clicks on our campaign or email signature. To do this, the UTM must be placed at the end of your URL.

The UTM is mainly made up of 3 main parameters (utm source/media/campaign) in order to define the media and the campaign used.

1st step: We need to generate our new URL, via this tool: Campaign URL Builder from Google Analytics.

Here is the information to be filled in:

Website URL: This is the clickable link to your website, for example:

Campaign Source: This is the source of the campaign, for example : "Banner".

Campaign Medium: Enter the medium used for your campaign, for example : "Email".

Campaign Name: Enter the name of your campaign, for example: "Network_on_signature".

Share the generated campaign URL: You should now have a new URL automatically generated according to the information previously entered. This is the URL you will use to track your clicks.

For example :

2) I include my new URL in my campaign

In this example we have chosen to include our UTM in our email banner.

2nd step: I log on to the Signitic platform, in "my campaigns", I insert my new URL in "Link ".

3) I consult my data via Google Analytics

Once my new email banner campaign is launched, I can analyse my data via Google Analytics.

Login to your Google Analytics, go to the "Acquisitions" tab, then "Campaigns" and finally "All my campaigns".

You can now view and compare the results of your campaign!

This article is finished, we hope it has been useful for you. Stay tuned for new articles coming soon on Signitic's blog!