Our 5 Christmas email signatures

Our 5 Christmas email signatures

December is a month full of surprises... On this occasion we share with you our 5 tips and signatures on the theme of Christmas!

1) Wish Happy Holidays to your interlocutors

Get off the beaten track! Wish the traditional "Happy Holidays" to all your prospects, customers and employees thanks to your e-mail banners. A great opportunity to end your e-mails in style..

2) Share your end-of-year tips

Like Santa Claus share your latest tips for the year. A good way to attract the attention of all your contacts...

3) Communicate about your business operations

The ideal opportunity to communicate your Christmas or end-of-year offers!

4) Remember your events

It's common to be at a loss for words this December and to let events slip away because you simply forgot or didn't register on time. This may be the case for your employees? Or your customers?

Anticipate this period by including your events in your e-mail banners a few weeks in advance.

5) Program your e-mail banners for the new year

And yes, don't be surprised like Kevin by this time of festivities! An easy way to remember: program your banners.  Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind and wish all your employees, prospects and customers all the best.

This article is finished, we hope you enjoyed it!
Stay tuned, more tips are coming soon on the blog!