Harmonize the signatures Gmail of your collaborators

Make sure your brand image is integrated in the signatures Gmail from your organization. Manage your email signatures centrally through the Signitic platform.

Installation in seconds.

One click. One last. It's finish.

Your email signature is a key element. It is seen many times, allows to transmit important information related to your identity but also of your structure (company, association, school...).

Your email signature is a valuable communication channel. Are you taking advantage of all the possibilities you have ?

Web application No email forwarding Synchronization with G Suite No end user action No installation on the servers Works with Gmail

Make your brand known through Gmail

Thanks to your collaborators

Make sure that your collaborators leave a professional and consistent impression in each email they send.

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Everything is automated

Thanks to your directory G Suite

Your email signatures will be updated automatically.

You do have understand: automating your email signature saves you time.

A signature is also more relevant if it changes over time. With Signitic, your email signature is not just about your contact details.