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Sophie, Courir pour ELLES


An excellent automated email signature management solution. A hyper responsive team, with a real sense of service, always in a good mood! COURIR POUR ELLES is delighted to use the Signitic solution, with no regrets.

Alexandre, Calldesk

Computer Software

With a user-friendly platform, very responsive support and affordable prices, Signitic is a great solution for delivering content and news to employees' signatures, and reinforcing brand identity. I recommend it.

Alexis, BusinessFirst

Information Services

We are very satisfied with Signitic, easy to use and very efficient to update elements and keep signatures perfectly harmonized within the team, it also allows us to manage our communication banners at the bottom of the signature. With the weekly report that highlights the statistics, it is a tool that perfectly meets our internal needs. I recommend it.


Environment & Renewable Energy

Signitic is a simple solution to manage email signatures in a global and efficient way. The plus? Communication campaigns and customer support always at the top!

Jérémy, PRIDE Toulouse

Public Administration

Signitic is a practical and easy-to-use tool to unify all the signatures of our members within our association. The application is simple and allows to configure our users in a fast and easy way. The interface for creating "templates" in "drag and drop" mode is practical for creating our signature models very quickly.


Information Services

I find the tool easy to use and a great way to standardize signatures across an organization. Friendly and quick service when we need assistance.

Mégane, SensoPur


Signitic is an easy to use application. All our employees are delighted.

Hélène, Fashion data

Computer Software

Signitic: a tool that is easy to integrate and very user friendly. Simple to use for managing user groups with truly customizable signatures and for broadcasting communication campaigns.

Thomas, AMS


We have been using Signitic for more than a year now and we are very satisfied with this solution. It's a very easy to use, flexible and convenient platform. We recommend it!

Sara, SafetyFirst Formation


Our company has been using Signitic for about a year. It's a great tool that makes it very easy to create signatures and signature banners for our teams. We can create and schedule our campaigns and even customize them by service for example. You also have access to statistics to track the number of clicks per signature. Great for our marketing campaigns. There was a bug once, the online consultant was very responsive and did what was necessary to fix the problem. And finally, excellent value for money. In short, I recommend it.

Marine, MixConcept

Information Services

Signitic is easy to use and simplifies the management of signatures. The most valuable aspect of this service is the availability of the Signitic teams, who are very responsive to the slightest question or request for assistance.

Renan, Cherry Pick

Computer Software

I discovered Signitic at the very beginning of their adventure and since then I have deployed the tool in all the companies I have worked with. Signitic has become an obvious way to manage email signatures, but also campaigns thanks to the various integrations offered. It's easy to learn and Signitic saves a lot of time afterwards. Whether you have a small team or a large number of employees and branches, the tool makes it easy to strengthen your branding.

Coralie, City Pro


Easy to implement and very much appreciated by all the group's employees. It really helps to improve the company's image!

Grégory, Mosaic Retail

Marketing and Advertising

We love Signitic! It's so easy to use! We looked for and tested different solutions but Signitic met all our expectations. We recommend it!

Andréa, HTS BIO Laboratories


Signitic allows us to react quickly to a change of tool. The teams are responsive and help us to improve our communication.

Romain, Kazeo

Real Estate

It's simple Signitic to change our lives :-) It may be a bit strong, but the solution is incredibly simple to stop the headache of standardizing signatures for the company. The campaign system allows to push additional information... In short, an ESSENTIAL tool to improve the quality of the company's image.

Benoit, Finishers


Signtic is simply the best tool for creating signatures. Simple to use and very efficient, their team is also extremely reactive in case of questions. I recommend them!

Aurore, CF - Compagnie Fiduciaire

Management Consulting · 1100 coworkers

Signitic has enabled us to have personalised and interactive signatures in line with our new group identity. A solution that is easy to use and evolve, and a team that is responsive and that has accompanied us well in the changeover of our signatures.