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Harmonize the signatures of your coworkers

Via a simple and fully integrated tool

Create and manage all your company's email signatures through a centralized and fully integrated interface.

Set up your templates, manage your user groups and deploy your communications to ensure harmonized design.

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+1000 companies use Signitic on a daily basis

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Unleash the power of your first communication channel

Because yes, your emails are gold!

We each send an average of 30 emails a day.

Take control of this marketing tool to spread your communication campaigns and strengthen your brand image!

Create your banners in Signitic

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Julien, Qonto

Finance · 500 coworkers

Signitic it's an easy and friendly tool, with an efficient team that allowed us to deploy signatures in a few clicks.

Hugo, Coldwell Banker

Real Estate · 400 coworkers

We deployed the software in less than 48 hours and the Signitic team supported us very efficiently. Today, all of our consultants have a customized signature according to our locations.

Alice, Eurecia

Computer Software · 120 coworkers

We changed providers at the beginning of the year and Signitic was an obvious choice: an intuitive and ultra-easy-to-use platform, very powerful and matching our needs 100%. As for the deployment, only 2 days including configuration. Not only we are satisfied, but we are also fans. Thank you Signitic!

Sacha, Swile

Banking · 670 coworkers

The implementation of Signitic at Swile was done quickly and with great simplicity, the Signitic teams made themselves very available and are extremely reactive. From an ops point of view, the solution is ultra simple (maintenance close to 0) and allows a real saving of time!

Martine, CMA France

Public Administration · 225 coworkers

This solution was chosen by mutual agreement with the communication and IT departments. Signitic offers ease of use through its simplified administration and therefore a rapid appropriation of the product. This with a fast and efficient support. When technology and business agree who says better 😊

Yann, Groupe PAROT

Industry · 630 coworkers

Signitic is a simple and functional tool. It is ideal to communicate internally and with your customers. The interface is very well thought out and the tool connects perfectly with our email solution: Gmail. Regular updates improve the tool and the team is very reactive.

Hervé, DIMO Software

Computer Software · 470 coworkers

Initially a customer of a competing solution, we quickly decided to turn to Signitic. This solution allows us to efficiently manage our email signatures for our 8 business units. All this with a great simplicity of deployment and an excellent support of the teams. I recommend the solution!


Retail and Wholesale Trade · 160 coworkers

SYMTA PIÈCES chose Signitic in order to harmonize its Outlook signatures, and to communicate on its several commercial offers using programmable advertising campaigns. The particularity of our environment (RDS Windows 2016), required a specific development to make the Signitic application work. We particularly appreciated the availability of the support teams, who helped us solve the problems we faced.

Auriane, Lockimmo

Computer Software

Signitic is functional, user-friendly and intuitive. The fact that you can program a campaign over a specific or unlimited period of time is very convenient. Moreover, having already dealt with the support, they are responsive and accommodating!

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Analyze your audience and measure their engagement

coworkers, prospects, customers ? They all read your emails every day.

Your emails are a sleeping database.

Harness the power of your emails and accurately monitor your audience's engagement to get the most out of it.

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Signitic is an email signature solution, allowing the management of email signatures for companies to automate signatures thanks to many features for your emails. In order to centralize the management of signatures and deploy automatically professional signature models. The email signature allows to make important communication campaigns, which reflect the image of the brand. Thanks to this communication solution for signatures you will be able to create a signature from signature templates and manage images automatically in your signatures as well as customizable logos depending on the signature, but also links in your signatures or social network icons in your signatures. You will also be able to share articles, events via e-mail banners that will be clickable and free. The email signature is added automatically on Outlook or Gmail without your collaborators needing to add the signature or modify anything on their Outlook or Office client but also for Microsoft Office 365 for the web. Signitic allows you to centralize and create email signatures in your company and is offered on email tools that allow the use of signatures. It can be used on Salesforce, Pipedrive, Outlook and Gmail.