The custom email signature solution for Google Workspace and Gmail

Ensure brand consistency in your organization's Gmail signatures. Manage your email signatures centrally via the Signitic platform.

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+1000 companies use Signitic on a daily basis

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Simplified set-up

Login in less than a minute

Connect Signitic to your Directory (API) to automate the data flow from your organization to our platform.

Once done, find all your information on Signitic and start customizing your employees' signatures.

Centralize the signatures of your employees

Via a simple and fully integrated tool

Create and manage all your company's email signatures through a centralized and fully integrated interface.

Set up your templates, manage your user groups and deploy your communications to ensure your employer brand is relevant.

Don't ask your employees to do anything, the installation, authentication and update of your signatures is 100% automated on all their devices.

Your employees no longer have to worry about their signatures. You are in control.

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Technically, how does it work?

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Connected to your Google Workspace

Automatic data update

Take advantage of fine-grained segmentation of your organization on Signitic with field mapping within your Google Workspace.

The platform will integrate a breakdown of your employees by: departments; positions; entities...

Our solution is certified 

Harness the power of your primary communication channel

Because yes, your emails are worth their weight in gold

We each send an average of 30 emails a day.

Take control of this marketing medium to spread your communication campaigns and strengthen your brand image!

Create your banners in Signitic

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Your signatures on iPhone

Sending emails from your iPhone is good, with a signature is much better.

By default, on your iPhone, Gmail adds the Sent from my iPhone at the end of your emails. Change that signature!

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Analyze your audience and measure their engagement

Employees, prospects, customers ? They all read your e-mails every day.

Your emails are a dormant source of data.

Harness the power of your emails and accurately analyze your audience's engagement to get the most out of them.

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You are in good hands!

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Leisure, Travel & Tourism · 30 employees

Signitic allows us to make the signatures evolve without depending of each collaborator. The benefit is double: We saves precious time and the brand identity of the signatures evolves according to our events.

Jordan, Germinal

Education · 50 employees

Signitic allows us to harmonize our corporate communication with a crazy simplicity! I highly recommend it :)

Samuel, WeLoge

Real Estate · 90 employees

A great company that even answers emails on weekends when we deployed on Friday night. Super service very rewarding

Alexandre, U'RSELF

Computer Software · 50 employees

Signitic allowed us to quickly harmonize all our signatures. Thanks to the "My Campaigns" function, our emails have become additional sales vectors.

Emmanuel, UPLIX

Marketing and Advertising

Signitic is a very reliable and competitive service compared to its competitors. I highly recommend it!

Karine, Let's Clic

Marketing and Advertising · 30 employees

We are satisfied with the Signitic platform and highly recommend it! It's an easy to use tool, very well organized. Moreover, if there is a problem, the Customer Service is very reactive!

Amina, FinovUp


Signitic is a simple and intuitive tool that allows me to update the signatures of my entire team in once.