General Terms of Service

Capitalized terms in the Contract are defined in Article 17, whether singular or plural. When a capitalized term is not defined in this article, the definition is that specified in the Contract.


These General Terms of Service (”CGS”) are intended to set out the terms and conditions for the provision of the Services, as well as to define the responsibilities and obligations of Signitic and the Customer (hereinafter the “”Parties”). These CGS are accessible at any time on the Site and will prevail over any other version available on another medium. These GCS form, with the additional documents applicable below, a contract (hereinafter the”contract”) between Signitic and the Customer. This Contract consists only of the following documents, in descending order of priority:

  • Any special conditions;
  • The Personal Data Processing Agreement (DPA);
  • These General Terms of Service;
  • Order elements, such as any order form or online subscription, established by Signitic and accepted by the Customer.

In case of contradiction, the higher-ranking document takes precedence. Any other document or information from Signitic (in particular advertising brochures, communication materials) is for informational and non-contractual purposes only. Any condition set by the Customer, in particular general terms and conditions of purchase, will be, in the absence of express acceptance by Signitic, unenforceable. The Agreement contains all terms between the Parties and supersedes all existing prior arrangements, conditions, NDAs, and agreements relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

Any use of the Services, including free of charge, implies, on the part of the Customer, the acceptance of the Contract. The Customer undertakes to transmit it and to have it respected by all Users. The documents constituting the Contract are communicated and accepted by the Customer when ordering or, failing that, are accessible to him by any other means.

Signitic reserves, as of right and at any time, the right to modify the terms of the Contract, in particular in accordance with the evolution of techniques and/or legislation. Any modification applies as of its publication on the Site and will be notified by any means to the Customer. When the modifications are unfavorable to the Customer, the Customer has, from the date of the publication of these changes on the Site, 30 calendar days to automatically terminate the Contract at no cost by sending Significtic its notification by RAR letter. Beyond that, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the changes. However, when these changes are required by legislation, regulations, and/or administration, the Customer cannot claim termination. The amended terms apply to Services previously subscribed by the Customer and still in progress, in order to ensure a homogeneous contractual package for all Services.


2.1. Prerequisites

2.1.1. The use of the Software is linked to a messaging service. In particular, the Software is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace messaging services. If the Customer works on another environment, after exchange with Signitic, several tests must be carried out, at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer, in order to verify compatibility with the Software.

The installation of add-ins or additional software may also be required. In this context, these installations will be at the expense and under the responsibility of the Customer.

2.1.2. In all cases, the Customer does his personal business, at his exclusive expense, of the acquisition, installation, installation, maintenance and connection, security, of the various equipment, configuration elements and telecommunications means, including Internet connection, necessary for access to the Services. The Customer remains solely responsible for their own access methods, their quality and their security. The Customer undertakes to configure and configure the Software, and in particular to meet the requirements set out in 2.1.1, by himself, under his sole responsibility, in accordance with the indications provided in the documentation made available and according to the recommendations of the Significtic support team. Depending on the case, Signitic can offer services related to configuration.

2.2. Access

To access and use the Services, the Customer, including its Users, must have an internet connection and a browser of their choice. Signitic recommends the use of the Software via the Google Chrome browser.

To benefit from the Services, it is necessary to create an Account on the Site. The Customer declares and guarantees to have the necessary power and capacity to proceed with any creation of an Account, any order, and to accept the Contract without reservation. The Customer undertakes (and is fully respected by its Users) to keep the confidentiality of their username and password to connect to the Account. Except in the absence of a duly proven fault on its part, Signitic cannot be responsible for the consequences that any disclosure, even accidental, of these means of authentication to a third party could have. In the event of suspicion of any unauthorized use of the Account, the Customer will immediately notify Signitic at: Any behavior and/or actions of the Customer, including its Users, that may endanger the security and/or normal functioning of the Services, as well as any proven suspicion of fraud, may result in an automatic suspension without notice, or prior notification, of the Services by Signitic. Signitic also reserves the possibility of accessing the Account in a supervised mode by accredited personnel, in particular in the event of suspicious Account creation.

In the context of creating an Account and using the Services, the Customer undertakes in particular to:

  • Communicate accurate information when registering, when placing an order and throughout its commercial relationship with Signitic. In the event of an error, omission, voluntary or involuntary, Signitic cannot be held responsible in particular for billing errors, delays or lack of delivery/access. In the event of changes in the information transmitted, the Customer undertakes to inform Signitic without delay and to send it any update;
  • Before using the Services, back up its Content on one or more reliable media. The Customer undertakes to carry out by himself and under his sole responsibility any periodic backup during the use of the Services;
  • Organize, through the Administrator and under his sole responsibility, the proper management, including access rights, of its Users.

2.3. Administrator

In the context of the use of the Services, the Customer appoints among its Users one or more Administrators who are responsible for managing the Customer's account.

From the Account, the Administrator is responsible for setting up and configuring the Services, in particular for connecting the Customer's email data to the Service to allow the loading of User data.

The Administrator ensures that Account information remains up to date, complete, accurate and accurate. The Customer, through the Administrator, is the sole and only responsible for the veracity of the information provided and any disputes relating thereto. The Customer is responsible for modifying the Administrator and User profiles, in particular in the event of the departure of one of its employees.


3.1. Description of the Services

The Main Service allows the Customer to manage Users' email signatures online and via an Internet browser. In particular, it makes it possible to:

  • Automate the management of email signatures via the Account created by the Customer;
  • Create email signatures;
  • Insert communication banners below the signatures;
  • Apply a signature and banner in the User email settings.

Signitic can also offer ancillary services such as the provision of an electronic business card service.

3.2. Subscription and duration. Access to the Software is subject to the subscription of a Subscription, composed of a certain number of Licenses. The Subscription begins on the validation date for a maximum period of 1 (one) year and is automatically renewed at its Expiry date for successive periods of a maximum duration of 1 (one) year, unless terminated by one or other of the Parties under the conditions of article 6.

The Subscription may expire (hereinafter the”Deadline”) in one of the two cases:

  1. At the end of a period of one (1) year from the initial date of subscription of the Subscription or from the last expiry date; or
  2. when the Customer no longer has Licenses before the anniversary date.

3.3. Delivery. The elements making up the Subscription, in particular the Licences and any options, are delivered on the day of receipt of full payment of the price by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties when ordering.

For any ancillary services, the delivery time will be agreed between the Parties. Any deliverable will only be sent definitively to the Customer, on the day that Significtic receives full payment of the price, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties when ordering.

3.4. Support. In case of need, support is available by chat or email ( during the opening days and hours of the company Signitic (from Monday to Friday, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, Paris time, excluding French public holidays), to advise and support Users if any technical difficulties arise in the context of the Services. Except for special conditions, Signitic does not give any guarantee of response time and resolution of incidents in the context of assistance.

At the Customer's request, Signitic may offer training on the functionalities of the Service, under financial conditions to be determined.

3.5. Modification. Signitic reserves the right to modify its Services and to offer new ones, in particular in accordance with the evolution of techniques and/or legislation. Any changes made will be brought to the attention of the Customer by any means. When changes are likely to substantially degrade the Services in use, the Customer has, as of the entry into force of the changes, 30 calendar days to cancel the Services concerned free of charge by sending its notification by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. After the deadline, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the changes. However, when these changes are required by legislation, regulations, and/or administration, the Customer cannot claim termination.


When Signitic makes software, functionalities, or any other component available in Beta version, the following provisions apply:

Signitic may, in all discretion, offer any voluntary Customer the opportunity to test elements in Beta versions free of charge, in order to identify any possible malfunction.

As such, the Customer undertakes: (i) to use only the elements in Beta versions for testing and improvement purposes; (ii) not to let anyone other than its Users use them; (iii) to not disclose any information relating to the Beta versions. This information is confidential and, as such, constitutes commercial secrets; (iv) to share, without the intention of harming, Significtic with its reactions and suggestions following its use. All comments, ideas and more generally any feedback from the Customer, including Users, in the context of the Beta versions will be the exclusive property of Signitic; (v) not to publish or make accessible by any means its comments to the public without the prior authorization of Signitic; (vi) to keep any complete backup of its system and data before using the Beta versions.

The access terms and characteristics of the Beta versions are freely defined by Signitic, which may change them at any time. Signitic may or may not temporarily limit, suspend or interrupt access and maintenance of Beta versions at any time and will inform the Customer by any means.

The Customer accepts that the Beta versions may include known or unknown bugs and that the data synchronized by the Customer may be deleted or reset at any time and that, depending on the case, the Beta versions may damage the Customer's equipment. The Customer alone will bear the consequences and risks of any kind whatsoever, of the use of Beta versions by its Users.

Taking into account the warnings, by accessing the Beta versions, the Customer (and any User) acts with full knowledge of the facts, the only obligation of Signitic being to inform the Customer about the risks associated with the use of the Beta version.


5.1. Order. The Customer can place an order from the online store or from an order form issued by Signitic. The Customer acknowledges having taken note of the characteristics, constraints, especially technical constraints, and functional limitations of the Service and its specificities. He acknowledges having verified the adequacy of the Services to his needs and having received from Signitic all the information and advice he needed to subscribe, in full knowledge of the facts.

After online validation of the order by the Customer or receipt of written acceptance of the order, a message confirming and validating the order is sent to the Customer's email address. However, to prevent risks of fraud, a delay may occur. Signitic does not store credit card numbers or IBAN numbers directly. Signitic and its partner can carry out a number of checks that may require investigating the origin and content of a transaction.

Signitic may ask the Customer for additional information. The latter is obliged to provide answers as soon as possible. Signitic also reserves the right to refuse an order from a Customer who has not fully or partially paid for a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is in progress.

Orders are deemed firm upon receipt by Signitic of the Customer's order, provided that Signitic confirms it by validating the order. Orders are no longer subject to modification or cancellation after this date, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties. Only when the Customer meets the conditions of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a withdrawal period of 15 clear days from the confirmation by Signitic that his order has been taken into account. However, as soon as the Customer uses the Service (s) ordered before the end of the 15-day period or in the case of an order for a domain name, the Customer loses the possibility of exercising his right of withdrawal in accordance with the Consumer Code.

5.2. Price. The applicable price is the one in force on the day of billing. Upon renewal, the price may be subject to an automatic change according to the use of the Licences during the last period. Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, the price applied, which may not be lower than that of the previous period, will be established according to the largest number of licenses used between: (i) the annual average of the Licences used during the previous Subscription Period and (ii) the average of the Licenses used during the previous Subscription Period and (ii) the average of the Licenses used during the previous Subscription Period and (ii) the average of the Licenses used during the previous Subscription Period.

Example 1: If the Subscription started on January 1 with an annual commitment of 150 Licenses. The Customer uses 100 licenses every month until October, for a total of 1000 Licenses over 10 months. In November, the Customer increases the number of licenses used and uses 200 and then in December 300, then the renewal rate will be calculated as follows:

  • Annual average (MA): ((100 x 10) + 200 + 300) /12 = 1500/12 = 125
  • Average of the last 3 months (M3M): (100 + 200 + 300)/3 = 200

Since the Average of the last 3 months is greater than the Annual Average, the number of licenses used to determine the annual price applicable to the renewal of the Subscription is based on the Average number of Licenses over the last three months, i.e. a price for 200 Licenses.

Example 2: If the Subscription started on January 1, with an annual commitment of 120 annual licenses, and an average use of 112 licenses each month by the Customer until December, i.e. 1344 Licenses in total over the duration of the Subscription, then the renewal rate will be calculated as follows:

  • Annual Average (MA): 112
  • Commitment (E): 120

As the Commitment is greater than the Annual Average, the number of licenses selected to determine the annual price applicable to the renewal of the Subscription is based on the number of the Commitment, i.e. a price for 120 Licenses.

Since the price is indicated excluding VAT, the applicable VAT should be added. The Services are payable upon order, except where otherwise stated when ordering.

Payment is made directly online on the Site by providing the credit card number (secure SSL mode), or any other method of payment possible on the day of the order. The Customer undertakes to pay all amounts invoiced for his orders and guarantees to Signitic that he has the necessary rights or authorizations to use the payment method in question. Late payment of more than 4 calendar days may result in a suspension of access to the Services.

By providing his banking information, the Customer authorizes Signitic to debit his card or bank account for the amount relating to the Services. At each Due Date, the amount due for the Services will be withdrawn automatically using the last known bank details, which the Customer expressly accepts. The Customer undertakes to ensure that his bank details remain valid to allow payment on time. In the event of refusal of authorization of payment by credit card or debit by accredited organizations or in the event of non-payment, Signitic reserves the right to suspend or cancel the order. In accordance with the monetary and financial code, the commitment to pay given by card is irrevocable.

5.3 Billing. Invoices are available and can be downloaded from the Account. Any dispute concerning an invoice must be expressed by RAR letter or email sent within fifteen (15) days from the date of the invoice (or pro forma invoice). In the absence of dispute, under the conditions referred to above, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the invoice. In the event of delay or total or partial failure to pay by the Customer, a fixed compensation for recovery costs of a fixed amount of 40 euros per invoice will automatically be applicable as well as the automatic application of late payment penalties whose interest rate is equal to three (3) times the legal interest rate, payable the day following the due date of the invoice. If collection costs of a higher amount should have been incurred by Signitic, Signitic reserves the right to charge them to the Customer; the amount due will then be determined by the supporting documents provided by Signitic. No discount will be given for early payment.

5.4. Modification. Signitic reserves the right to change prices at any time. Any price change applies to all new orders. However, when price changes are increasing and are applicable to Services in use (excluding price changes as referred to in article 5.2.), the Customer will be informed in advance at least 30 calendar days before the new rates come into force, by any means, in particular by notification within the Software or email. From this information, the Customer will have a maximum of one month to cancel the Service (s) concerned free of charge, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. Termination without charge is understood as the option for the Customer to request a refund of amounts already paid in proportion to the days remaining for the Services thus cancelled. Beyond that, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the changes. However, Signitic reserves the right to pass on, without notice, any new regulatory, administrative, fiscal tax or any increase in these taxes, without the possibility of cancellation for the Customer, as long as Signitic does not have control over them.


6.1. Principle. Either Party may deactivate the automatic renewal of the Subscription. For this deactivation to be taken into account at the end of the current Subscription period, the Party wishing to deactivate the renewal sends to the other Party its decision to, by registered letter, to the head office of the other Party, before the Customer has consumed more than 75% of the available Licenses, and no later than ninety (90) days from the Expiry Date, the date of first presentation of the letter being authentic.

For Customers subject to payment by bank card or direct debit, the deactivation of the automatic renewal of the Subscription is available through the Administrator Account.

When the Customer or Signitic requests the deactivation of the renewal of the Subscription within the specified period, it continues until the end of the current period and is not renewed. Therefore, at the end of the Services concerned, the Customer and its Users lose the benefit of the Services concerned, as well as, where applicable, access to the Software.

In the event of partial or total non-use of the Services, no refund will be made or accepted.

6.2. Termination for breach. Except where the Contract provides otherwise, in the event of non-compliance by a Party with its obligations not repaired within a period of 15 days from either the sending of an email addressed to the defaulting Party notifying the breaches in question, or the sending of a RAR letter, the Contract may be automatically terminated by the injured Party, without prejudice to any possible damages and any remaining amounts due that may be claimed from the defaulting Party. However, Signitic may automatically terminate the Contract, without notice or prior notice, in the event of non-compliance with legislation and regulations, as well as in the event of behavior and/or action of the Customer, which may endanger the security and/or normal functioning of the Services. Termination at the expense of the Customer results in the immediate payment of the amounts due.

6.3. Reversibility of the Services. Upon expiration or termination of the Agreement, unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, all data used and/or exploited by the Customer in connection with the Services, including its Content and personal data, is destroyed within 30 calendar days, unless the law applicable to the Contract requires its conservation or the retention of such data is necessary to defend the rights of Signitic. The Customer must, in all cases, take the precaution of backing up by himself, all of his data, including Content, which he wishes to keep before the end of his access to the Services. Significtic support is available to facilitate this backup by guiding the Customer, but does not perform any recovery or migration services for Customer data, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties and additional billing.

At the same time, the Customer must proceed by himself to uninstall, disconnect and/or remove any element necessary for the use of the Services (in particular add-ins, API, etc.).


7.1 Customer Obligations. Without prejudice to the other obligations provided for in the Contract,

(a) The Customer (which is committed to the respect of obligations by its Users) is responsible for the execution of its obligations under the Contract. As such, he undertakes in particular to use the Software and more generally the Services, in accordance with its destination, to comply with the requirements given by Signitic in its documentation, as well as all the advice and recommendations provided by the support staff.

The Customer is responsible for the elements, data, information, including Content, that it uses, generates, hosts, as part of the Services and more generally is responsible for its use of the Services. As such, the Customer declares and guarantees to Signitic that it has the rights and/or all authorizations necessary for their use and communication within the framework of the Services.

(b) The Customer is also solely responsible for the use of third party services, and in particular concerning the use of the messaging service. Since Signitic is not a party to this contractual relationship, it cannot be responsible for any possible dispute with these third parties concerning in particular the availability, guarantees, representations and other obligations of any kind to which these third parties are bound.

(c) When using the Services, the Customer must comply with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to him and not infringe the rights of third parties or public order. Failure to comply with laws and regulations may result in an automatic suspension without notice or prior notification of the Services by Signitic. Signitic formally prohibits the use of the Services for the exercise of an illegal or unlawful activity.

(d) The Customer undertakes to regularly back up the Content and any data, files, information that Signitic may have access to under the Agreement.

(e) The Customer is prohibited from allowing any confusion between himself to appear. More generally, Signitic does not make any contractual commitments to third parties. The Customer is solely responsible for the contractual relationships that he may maintain with third parties (prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, employees, etc.). It guarantees Signitic against all claims, claims, actions of third parties that may involve Signitic.

The Customer guarantees against all complaints, claims, actions and/or claims that Signitic may suffer as a result of the violation, by the Customer, of its obligations, in particular (i) in the event of fraudulent use of the Services or in violation of laws and regulations and other applicable rules; (ii) in the event of violation of the rights of third parties. As such, he undertakes to intervene and indemnify Signitic for any harm it may suffer and to pay it all costs, charges, including reasonable fees for Significtic's advice and/or convictions, damages and interests, including by settlement agreement, that it may have to bear as a result.

7.2 Significtic's Obligations

(a) Signitic is committed to making the best possible efforts to deliver Services in accordance with the Agreement. As part of the Services, Signitic performs its obligations diligently according to the best practices in use in its profession. Signitic is only bound by an obligation of best efforts.

(b) Within the limits of applicable legal rules, Signitic is subject to an obligation to provide advice and information to the Customer and provides the Customer with the related technical and commercial documentation as such. In this context, Signitic does not guarantee in any way that the Services meet the specific specifications or needs of the Customer. Except as otherwise provided in the Agreement, Signitic makes no express or implied warranties with respect to the Services. Signitic does not guarantee that the Software and its Applications are able to meet performance requirements and/or that they will function without interruption or bugs.

(c) Signitic is committed to complying with the applicable laws and regulations to which it is subject in the course of its activities, and not to infringe the rights of third parties or public order. Signitic employs and pays its staff in accordance with its fiscal and social obligations. Signitic personnel remain under the exclusive hierarchical authority of Signitic, which ensures all of its obligations and rights as an employer. Signitic is not required to assume the Customer's legal and administrative obligations, including those relating to the Services provided under the Agreement. It is therefore up to the Customer to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations concerning him, without being able to seek the responsibility of Signitic.

(d) Signitic exclusively performs corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the Software. Therefore, it is forbidden to interfere with the Software or to involve a third party. Signitic may at any time modify, supplement, or remove functionalities of the Software as long as this does not substantially harm the purpose of the Software. Software updates are carried out automatically, without the need for intervention by the Customer. The latter renounces any previous version of the Software. The Contract does not grant the Customer any right to require progressive updates, new versions of the Software.

(e) Signitic strives, as far as possible, to maintain the permanence, quality, and continuity of the Services. However, for maintenance reasons or for any other reason beyond the control of Signitic, it is possible that the Services, including the functionalities of the Software, may be temporarily interrupted. As far as possible, interruptions will be the subject of information to the Customer, by any means. Except for Special Conditions, Signitic does not give any guarantee of intervention time and anomaly resolution in the context of corrective maintenance.


8.1. Retention of the Customer's rights. The Customer retains ownership and all intellectual and industrial property rights and any other property on its Content. This may include in particular, his text content, his images, the name and logo of his company, his brands and more generally any other property right belonging to him or for which he has the authorization.

8.2. Retention of Significtic's rights and Customer's rights of use. The Software, the Site, as well as their contents (excluding the Content) in particular, the images, sounds, texts or other information, templates, models available within the Services, and any other technology made available as part of the Services, as well as the documentation, names, logos, slogans, in particular, the documentation, names, logos, slogans, used by Signitic, are the exclusive property of Signitic or its possible licensors. Signitic and its possible licensors retain the ownership and all of the property rights attached to it, in particular intellectual and industrial property rights, including designs and models, copyright, patents, trademarks and more generally any other property rights. Throughout the evaluation period and throughout the duration of the relevant Subscription, Signitic grants to the Customer and its Users a single, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the Software and the Services. The Customer is prohibited from distributing, transferring, renting, renting, renting, sublicensing, giving or distributing all or part of the Software to a third party, in any way whatsoever. This right of use does not include the right to collect or use information contained on the Site or through the Services for purposes prohibited by Signitic, to compete with Signitic, to create derivative works based on any results obtained with the Services. It is forbidden to translate, adapt, assemble, disassemble, disassemble, disassemble, compile, decompile, arrange or modify the Software and/or one of its components, to export it, to merge it with other software, except as provided for by French law. It is forbidden to use any equipment, device, software, or other means to bypass or remove any restrictions on use or to activate features. Any contrary use of the Software and Services for their intended purpose (for which they were designed) is strictly prohibited. The Customer undertakes to respect the property notices appearing on the Software, in particular on the supports, images, models, or documentation and more generally on any technology made available. This is the case in particular for certain content such as images, which may be subject to conditions (licenses) from third parties that the Customer then undertakes to respect. In particular, the Customer is prohibited from publishing, retransmitting, reproducing or any other use of images, templates, models, for purposes other than those involving the use of the Software. For this purpose, it is forbidden to retrieve images/photos, including templates, templates, provided by Signitic as part of the Services, in order to save them as a raw file, on any medium whatsoever.


As part of the Services, the Parties may be required to communicate Confidential Information with each other. However, are not considered to be Confidential Information (i) the commercial references of each of the Parties concerned by Article 13; (ii) as well as the information:

  • that have entered the public domain prior to the date of disclosure or communication or that will fall into the public domain after their communication and/or disclosure without the cause being attributable to the disclosing Party;
  • which can be shown to be already known to the Party prior to transmission;
  • that have been received from a third party in a lawful manner, without violating the Contract.

Subject to the following, each Party undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of all or part of the Confidential Information received. It being specified that the Customer accepts that Signitic uses anonymized data on the use of the Services, for the purposes of producing statistics, which may be communicated to third parties.

However, each of the Parties is authorized to disclose any Confidential Information in the following cases: (i) for the purposes of the execution of the Contract, in particular to their staff (as well as the staff of its Group companies, if applicable), subcontractors, stakeholders, within the framework of their respective authorizations, within the framework of their respective authorizations; (ii) in accordance with their respective authorizations; (ii) in application of a legal or regulatory provision; (iii) to respond to requests for communications from judicial and/or administrative authorities; and/or (iv) to protect their rights and/or their properties or any other third party; (v) in case of prior written consent or request from the other Party.

The Parties undertake to protect Confidential Information by appropriate measures and treated with a degree of care at least equivalent to that applied to their own Confidential Information.

This confidentiality obligation will apply throughout the duration of the Contract and will continue for a period of two (2) years from the termination of the Contract for any reason whatsoever.


As part of the Contract, personal data may be collected, processed, stored and used, in particular identification data and professional contact details. The Parties undertake to comply with the regulations in force applicable to the processing of personal data, in particular the RGPD, as well as any other applicable regulations in this area that may be added to or replaced later, which apply to them in their capacity as:

  • Independent data controllers for the processing of the personal data of employees and Users of the other Party for the purposes of managing their commercial relationship with each other;
  • Independent data controller for the Customer insofar as it determines the purposes and means of the processing described in the DPA;
  • Subcontractor for Signitic insofar as it ensures, on behalf of the Customer and in accordance with its documented instructions, the implementation of the processing described in the DPA. In this case, the Parties agree to comply with the DPA, an annex to the General Conditions of Service forming an integral part of the Contract.

As part of their respective independent responsibility, each of the Parties informs the other Party that the processing of personal data relating to its Users, collaborators, may be implemented by the other Party. Signitic informs the Customer through its Personal Data Protection Policy, available on its Website.

The collaborators of each of the Parties and the Users have the right to access, rectify and delete data, as well as the right to limit processing. A right of opposition may be exercised, at any time, for reasons relating to the particular situation of the person concerned, subject to legitimate and compelling reasons requiring the continuation of processing by the Data Controller concerned. With respect to the processing carried out by Signitic, these rights may be exercised by mail to the address of the head office of Signitic or by email:


11.1. Principle. Without prejudice to the following, each of the Parties assumes responsibility for the consequences resulting from its act and which have the effect of causing damage to the other Party. However, the Party whose failure to comply with its obligations causes damage to the other party will only be liable for the compensation of direct and foreseeable damages related to the breach and proven by the other Party. Thus, none of the Parties may be considered responsible for indirect damages suffered by the other Party, or by any third party in relation to it, and in particular damages resulting from a loss of profits, a loss of opportunity, a loss of operation, a loss of profit, a loss of profit, a loss of gain, a deprivation of use, the cost of obtaining a product, a service or a substitute technology.

11.2. Exclusions and limitations. In this context, the Parties agree that Signitic cannot under any circumstances be held responsible, in particular:

(a) in the event of damage resulting from the Customer's failure to comply with the Contract;

(b) in the event of non-compliance by the Customer with the prerequisites necessary for the Services;

(c) in the event of damage resulting partially or totally from a non-compliant, malicious and/or abnormal use by the Customer (including User) of the Services, including by negligence, errors, failure and/or non-compliance with the advice and recommendations given;

(d) in the event of the inadequacy of the Services to the Customer's needs, despite the performance by Signitic of its obligation to advise;

(e) in the event of damage related to the fraudulent intrusion or maintenance of a third party in the system, or to the illicit extraction of data, despite the implementation of security measures in accordance with current technical data, Signitic only bears an obligation of means with respect to known security techniques;

(f) in the event of damage resulting from security incidents related to the use of the Internet, in particular in the event of loss, alteration, destruction, disclosure or unauthorized access to Customer data or information on or from the Internet network;

(g) in the event of damage related to the loss or deterioration of the Content and any data, files, information to which Signitic may have access under the Contract, insofar as the Customer remains responsible for the proper completion of its backups;

(h) in the event of damage not resulting exclusively and directly from the failure of Signitic, in particular the failure including by the action, omission, negligence of any third party (excluding Significtic's subcontractor): internet service providers, email service provider, etc.;

(i) in the event of suspension of Services in the cases provided for in the Contract;

(j) in the event of changes to the Services under the conditions provided for in the Contract;

(k) in case of force majeure according to article 12.

In any event, except in the event of personal injury, fraud or gross negligence established by a decision of a competent court and not subject to appeal, Signitic's pecuniary liability will be limited to the amount of the amounts actually paid by the Customer to Signitic during the 12 months preceding the event giving rise to the damage, all causes of damage combined.

11.3 Insurance. Each of the Parties declares to be insured, in particular in professional civil liability, with a well-known solvent company and to maintain any insurance policy up to date, to cover, without prejudice to the provisions above, damage caused to the other Party resulting from the execution or non-performance of the Contract. Each Party undertakes to provide the other Party, at first request, with the relevant supporting documents.


Each of the Parties cannot be held responsible for the absence or delay in the execution of all or part of their obligations due to a force majeure event, if it meets the legal and jurisprudential conditions required to qualify force majeure under French law.

In addition, by express agreement, may be held for cases of force majeure, events of interruption, failure or sabotage of means of communication, pandemic, fire, flood, exceptional weather, damage, riots, riots, war, total or partial strike.

The case of force majeure suspends the obligations of each of the Parties for the duration of its existence. However, if the case of force majeure existed for more than thirty (30) consecutive days, it would entitle to the automatic termination of the services by Signitic or the Customer eight (8) days after the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt notifying this decision.


Signitic is authorized to mention the Customer's company name and the corresponding logos as a commercial reference, as well as, where applicable, the services performed on behalf of the Customer for the purposes of illustrating or presenting the achievements of Signitic on any communication medium. These mentions are granted free of charge and cannot be the subject of any compensation or compensation in any way whatsoever. The Customer may terminate this authorization at any time upon written request to the address:


14.1 Assignment. Signitic may freely transfer the Contract and the rights and obligations arising from it to a third party. In the event of a transfer, the Customer already accepts that Signitic will be released from any obligation arising from the execution of the said Contract. Any transfer of an Account is prohibited without the express prior authorization of Signitic. Account transfers are not considered to be (i) changes in shareholding, changes in ownership and changes in control of the Client; (ii) transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, sales of assets, sales of businesses and other transactions involving a transfer of the Client's assets. If the Customer carries out one of the operations referred to above, he shall inform Signitic as soon as possible.

14.2 Subcontracting. As part of its activities, subject to the provisions set out in the DPA, Signitic may freely use subcontractors. In this case, Signitic remains the sole contact person and solely responsible to the Customer under the conditions and subject to the reservations provided for in the Contract.


15.1 Independence of the Parties. The Parties expressly declare that they are and will remain independent commercial and professional partners. As such, none of the Parties is authorized to make commitments in the name and/or on behalf of the other Party.

15.2 Proofs. The computerized records kept in the computer systems (in particular logs, order forms, order forms, online validation, license statements, etc.) of Signitic or its partners under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as proof of communications, consumption, orders and payments between the Parties.

15.3 Divisibility. In the event that a clause of the Contract is declared invalid or unenforceable, such clause will be separated, and the remaining parts of the Contract will remain in force and in full force and effect.

15.4 Tolerances. Any tolerance or renunciation by one of the Parties to assert any right does not constitute a modification of the Contract, nor generate a waiver of any right for the future.

15.5 Headings. The titles listed in the Contract are for convenience only. In the event of a contradiction between the title and the body of an article, the body of the article prevails.

15.6 Translation. In the event of a discrepancy in interpretation between the linguistic versions, the French version of the Contract prevails.


The Contract is subject to French law. In the absence of an amicable agreement, all disputes relating to the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of the Contract that may arise will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts under the jurisdiction of the Douai Court of Appeal, even in the event of an incidental claim, warranty claim or multiple defendants.


Subscription: means the right to access and use the Services in return for the payment of a defined sum.

Administrator: means the User (s) designated by the Customer to use the functionalities of the Software in accordance with the needs of the Customer whose email address and identity are provided at the time the Account is opened (via an identifier and a password)

CP or Special Conditions: means a written agreement negotiated and signed between the Parties;

Customer: Refers to any person, natural or legal, who subscribes to the Signitic Services, free of charge or for a fee;

Account: refers to the unique interface allowing the Customer via its Administrator to automate the management of email signatures;

Contents: refers to any element (images, text content, etc.) that the Customer, including the User, inserts or has inserted into the Software and more generally, as part of the Services.

DPA: means the Personal Data Processing Agreement, annex to the CGS;

Confidential Information: means any non-public information of any kind, in any form whatsoever, stated as confidential or not, exchanged between the Parties, in any manner whatsoever, including any information of a technical, commercial, marketing and financial nature, including any information of a technical, commercial, marketing and financial nature, algorithms, internal documents, etc.

License: refers to the right to an email signature from a designated User, updated automatically via the Service.

Software: refers to the software Signitic, published by Signitic, allowing access to the Services;

RGPD: means Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 applicable since 25 May 2018;

User: refers to any person under the responsibility of the Customer (employees, subcontractors or more generally any person accessing the Services on behalf of or thanks to the Customer) and benefiting from the Services;

Significant: refers to the simplified joint stock company Signitic located at 3 Avenue Antoine Pinay, Parc d'Activité des 4 Vents à Hem (59510) - RCS Lille Métropole 900 837 667;

Department (s): means the services provided by Signitic in connection with the access and use of the Software, as well as any associated services, under the Agreement;

Website: Refers to the website and its related subdomains in particular the subdomains,,,,,