Centralize the management of email signatures

No more HTML code to share to all your coworkers. Empower marketing to drive and unify user signatures using a common template and style via our platform.

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Segmentation automation

Thanks to the attributes of your directory

Create a precised segmentation of your users thanks to the field mapping. Signitic will efficiently cross-reference membership to a group, entity, agency, brand, etc. automatically: your coworkers will be attached to the right entity without any manual action.

Signitic also offers the feature to import your data via a CSV file or to invite your coworkers to update some of their information.

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Connected directories

Automatic data update

Safely connect your Goggle Workspace directory to Signitic.

Map your directory fields (first name, last name, department, position, phone, mobile, etc.) directly into Signitic and keep the data on Signitic up to date with an automatic daily update from your directory.

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Microsoft Appsource

firstName lastName jobTitle companyName customAttribute1 city customAttribute2 department First name Name Title Entity EN job Agency Closing formula Group

Deploy automatically on all your computers

Automatically, transparently and securely

Signitic sets up automatically on all your tools: Outlook Windows, Gmail and Outlook Web.

Our product is  Partenaire Google and  Partenaire Microsoft

How does it work?

Workflow Microsoft 365
Workflow Google Workspace

Offer your marketing team a powerful solution

No need to update their signatures

Signitic is here to help both sides to manage email signatures with ease.

Once the connections have been set up, marketing team will be able to autonomously manage the updating of signatures with no technical support from your team.

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Signatures mails

Custom subdomain

Secure your emails

Signitic is the only email signature solution that allows you to create a custom subdomain in a few clicks!

All URLs of your images, links and icons use your subdomain, which effectively prevents your emails from spam.

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Personalize all access

Assign roles to your key staff

Create custom roles for each of your Signitic administrators to let them manage their own tasks. IT can keep the overall control while marketing can autonomously manage the update of signatures and communication banners.

Compliant and secure

French solution hosted in France

Our solution is GDPR compliant with the obligation of transparency and traceability, the consideration of the principles of data protection by design and data protection by default, the obligation to guarantee the security of the processed data, the obligation of assistance, alert and advice.

Hosted by AWS FRANCE (Paris, eu-west-3), ISO27001 and SOC certified.

AWS SOC-2 ISO27001

GDPR Compliant

Choose where your data is stored

Large enterprise offer

Depending on the security guidelines, the solutions used within your company must respect a precise specification.

Choose between Google Cloud Platform (France), Microsoft Azure (France) or AWS (France).


Key features

Synchronization of Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace directories
Multi-brand and multi-agency management
Automatic signature insertion on your webmail and desktop client
Personnalize permissions by entity and by module
Custom domain
Custom subdomain in HTTPS
Mapping directory fields.
Ability to allow collaborators to modify attributes
Internal/external signatures
Lightweight signatures for reply/transfer

We actually care!

I have rarely been able to appreciate such great responsiveness with professionalism, lightness and humor. Bravo and thank you!

Réjane, UpYourBizz

Marketing · 100 coworkers

With a user-friendly platform, very responsive support and affordable prices, Signitic is a great solution for delivering content and news to employees' signatures, and reinforcing brand identity. I recommend it.

Alexandre, Calldesk


Signitic is a complete and easy-to-use tool for harmonized signatures that make a difference!

Dense Fluid Degreasing
Antoine, Dense Fluid Degreasing


Very easy to use tool to create email signatures for your collaborators. Communication banners is also very useful for us who often have content or participate in various events. We recommend it!

Software · 300 coworkers

Signitic is essential in our communication strategy. The tool allows us to plan multiple campaigns of adapted e-mail signatures.

Michaël, Nouveal


We are very satisfied with the platform, previously we were on a competing platform where the quality/price ratio was less present. Signitic allowed us to easily manage the signatures of our entire team and to integrate communication campaigns. The solution today makes the previously manual and time-consuming updating work pleasant. I highly recommend the solution.

James, Yield


The Signitic solution is simple, user-friendly and efficient, just like its support team.

Yann, Neurosys


This tool for centralizing e-mail signatures fully meets our needs. Signitic is a simple and local solution. The support is always there if needed. A remark, an idea? we just have to submit it and within a day, a solution is proposed.

Cédric, CGA

Industry · 205 coworkers

We've been using Signitic for a while now and it's a great tool to personalize signatures. We can highlight our events, recipe ideas etc. and make the images clickable. Great!

Marion, Hari&Co


Signitic is a simple and powerful software. It allows us to customize relevant marketing campaigns according to the services. The Signitic teams are very responsive and attentive.

Morgane, ISADEC

Real Estate

Signitic allowed us to easily manage the signatures for our 600 employees spread over 4 different brands. Thank you to the Signitic teams who supported us during this deployment.

Jean-Loup, Mistertemp’

Recruitment · 600 coworkers

Great tool with fast support if needed !

Valoris Avocats
Laurine, Valoris Avocats


Signitic is a product that is very simple to implement and that completely meets our growth challenges, managed by an expert team, it is a very good everyday tool!

Yohan, VO2 GROUP

Consulting · 70 coworkers

The challenge of standardising our email signatures was a real one within our organisation. With Signitic, I was able to deploy the solution in a very short time and we now all have the same signature that I personnalize according to our brand. It's easy to use and the support is super responsive, as I've seen recently. We really have a person on the other side of the chat, it's nice!

Carrelage et Bain
Jeremy, Carrelage et Bain


I appreciate the Signitic service, which is rather easy to use, and the communication with CANVA for the execution of the campaigns is really a plus. So my experience has been positive.

Yann, Dyatek


Our problem concerned the management and standardisation of our email signatures. With Signitic, we deployed the solution very quickly with a very responsive support (response with resolution of the problem in less than 30 minutes). A tool that really makes our life easier.


Industry · 50 coworkers

Signitic is very practical for all companies that want to have professional signatures and a simple and complete management tool. The teams are very available.

Gekko Group
Elodie, Gekko Group

Tourism · 300 coworkers

We use Signitic to harmonise the email signatures of our employees. The solution is easy to use and the configuration is quick. It is very easy to create campaigns, and the Canva connector is a real plus.

Barbara, Optimistik


The Signitic solution is easy to use and allows us to harmonise the email signatures of our employees, to fully control the graphic charter and to optimise the management of campaigns. The responsiveness of the support service is also a real plus.

Mathilde, AURA AERO

Industry · 120 coworkers

Very easy to use, the automation for all employees is very useful and a real time saver. The Signitic staff are very responsive to the rare problems we encounter. I recommend it!

Sarah, Portify


Signitic allows us to easily deploy our new branding on email signatures with banners in an intuitive way and without any action from our employees. It is for us a very practical all-in-one solution with a team always available and reactive to answer our questions.

Geoffrey, Visionix

Healthcare · 700 coworkers

The implementation in our IS was done quickly and easily thanks to the support of Signitic's teams. The tool allows a better management of the brand image as well as a complete control of the communication campaigns, and in full simplicity. The customer service is attentive and very responsive. I highly recommend Signitic!

CIBTP France
Sébastien, CIBTP France

Public · 170 coworkers

Signitic is fast and easy to use, with a highly responsive team that enabled us to get our hands on the signatures in just a few clicks.

Groupe Nice-Matin
Olivia, Groupe Nice-Matin

Marketing · 650 coworkers

Signitic solved our problems of standardizing e-mails and managing our charter and communications. Their partnership with Google is a huge advantage. The tool is ergonomic, allowing us to work on our signatures with ease. The strong point for us is the direct integration with Canva, which considerably simplifies the personalization of our signatures.

Caroline, Clextral

Industry · 400 coworkers