How to set up multi-channel communication?

How to set up multi-channel communication?

Are you familiar with multi-channel communication? While traditional communication channels were widely used for several years, The new digital means have revolutionized current communication campaigns. Social networks, website, emailing, etc. These new tools create new opportunities for businesses: increase the number of contacts with the target thanks toincrease and diversification of available channels.

However, this multi-channel communication is not always easy to set up: codes and specificities specific to each method, consistency of the message across all channels, choice of appropriate channels to reach the target, etc.

Signitic helps you understand multi-channel communication, by giving you its challenges and the most relevant strategies to put in place!

What is multi-channel communication?

Multi-channel communication refers to a marketing strategy that relies on different channels, that is to say different points of contact for the prospect. This technique allows the company to increase the number of contacts with the target by diverse communication angles.

It is a question of using various digital or non-digital channels to have a presence on all media. During the buying process, the prospect will navigate from one channel to another to be confirmed in their choice. Multichannel communication thus allows a company to be everywhere. and to reach the target at any time and on all channels that she is used to using.

The key to good multi-channel communication is therefore to Choose your channels carefully after analyzing the behavior and consumption habits of its target! In addition, this multi-channel communication can be conducted to Reach all stakeholders in a company :

  • internally: employees, shareholders, etc.;
  • externally: customers, suppliers, partners, NGOs, service providers, etc.

How to set up a multi-channel communication plan?

The internal multi-channel communication plan

The goals of multi-channel internal communication

The goals of multi-channel communication should be defined in advance in order to choose the appropriate means and channels accordingly. They can be very varied and depend on each strategy carried out internally by the company. Here are a few examples:

  • Increase employee returns on the management put in place;
  • improve speaking of everyone in the company;
  • increase the number of participants in corporate events;
  • simplify the organization of meetings;
  • improve the dissemination of information and news within the teams.

What are the challenges of multi-channel internal communication?

Internally, the challenges can be very varied. For example, internal multi-channel communication can help uniting employees around common values and projects that speak to everyone. It can also be a question of improving the organization and the actions carried out by each department in order toAchieve team cohesion. Moreover, the role of multi-channel communication should not be underestimated in Motivate employees or increase productivity thanks to the sharing of end-of-year reports, corporate news, information on upcoming events, etc. Multi-channel communication must therefore meet the expectations of stakeholders as well as the challenges defined internally.

What multi-channel communication strategy should be adopted internally?

In order to successfully conduct multi-channel communication internally, it is necessary to Define a internal communication plan with the objectives, the allocated budget, an overview of the situation and a detailed list of the means of communication used. Every means of communication has its specificities and will be very useful in meeting various objectives. The key to a successful strategy is to have a relevant use of the various communication tools, here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • an internal journal or A newsletter to communicate on the latest news and unite;
  • Of email signatures to create a bond of belonging;
  • meetings and dashboards to organize internal actions;
  • Of surveys and emails to give stakeholders a voice;
  • internal messaging for simplified communication;
  • Of corporate events to motivate employees;
  • seminars to train and improve the productivity of employees.

The multi-channel external communication campaign

The goals of multi-channel external communication

The goals of multi-channel communication conducted externally are very diverse: cognitive, conative and affective goals. They respond to a desire to To make people known, to take action and to make people love your brand or your products!

In this sense, the various challenges can be:

  • To retain customers and to establish a relationship of trust;
  • to reinforce a strong brand image ;
  • to increase the average basket of your customers;
  • to create a database by collecting contact details for example;
  • to increase traffic to physical or online points of sale;
  • to improve customer service by collecting feedback;
  • to communicate on your news or on your new products.

These objectives have a very important role in the selection and strategy of communication means and tools: this is why it is essential to Define them in advance!


The challenges of a multi-channel external communication plan

The challenges of multi-channel communication are multiple. On the one hand, this communication must adapt to consumer behaviors and expectations, on the other hand, it must be able increase the company's turnover and make the communication campaign profitable by optimizing the use of channels and by reducing marketing costs.

The challenges of multi-channel communication can be transcribed as follows:

  • show a modern image to prospects with a innovative and dynamic communication ;
  • be present at every moment of the buying journey of the consumer to make an impression;
  • increase results, in particular turnover, thanks to well-thought-out and well-thought-out communication;
  • use communication channels appropriately according to their specificities;
  • have an excellent Knowledge of the target to reach her at the right time and through the right channels.

What resource strategy for an effective multi-channel communication campaign?

The strategy to be followed is generally defined In a external communication plan. This plan includes step by step the objectives to be achieved, the targets to be reached, the allocated budget as well as the list of the various channels. A good multi-channel communication strategy must be carried out with the watchword consistency! Coherence must be perceived in the message transmitted as well as in the means chosen to reach the target.

Multi-channel external communication is based on two types of means of communication:

  • The media which need to go through an advertising agency for their use. For example the press, television, radio, cinema, cinema, posters, displays on the internet or even social networks;
  • Non-media resources such as forums, events, direct marketing, business cards, business cards, POS (point of sale advertising), flyers, websites, mobile applications, email signatures, etc.

Signitic: a way to strengthen multi-channel communication internally and externally

Did you know that the email signature is a relevant tool for a multi-channel communication campaign? Thanks to your custom email signature you can strengthen the bond of belonging within your company and Harmonize the signatures of all your employees. Moreover, for multi-channel external communication, the email signature can be a channel with high added value: with Signitic integrate a call to action (CTA) in order to promote your brand's services or products while making an impression with a creative means of communication!

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