Your new communication channel

Make sure your identity is relevant thanks to your email signatures. Signitic allows the harmonization of the signatures of all your coworkers as well as a marketing boost thanks to the communication banners.

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Target Internal External Prioritize High Medium Low Assign SIGNITIC (2/4 GROUPS) IT Sales Marketing LYON AGENCY (0/1 GROUP) Human Resources Planning Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun. 18 4 11 25 12 19 5 26 13 20 6 27 14 21 7 28 15 22 8 29 16 1 9 23 30 17 2 10 24 31

Harmonize your signatures.

Show some respect to your brand !

Create 100% personalized email signatures with our drag&drop editor and deploy your email signatures automatically on all your tools without any action from your coworkers.

Choose one from our bank of templates and customize it to reflect your identity.

The onboarding of your new coworkers is automated thanks to the data in your directory (Google Workspace / Microsoft 365). As soon as they arrive, your coworkers will automatically have a signature that respects your company's brand image.

Broadcast your banners.

News, events, webinars, white papers, afterworks, etc.

Email is your company's first way of communication, exploit it with Signitic.

Segment your collaborators and assign them specific and relevant communication banners in order to share relevant content to the right audience.

Segment your organization

Group your coworkers by departments, agencies, brands, etc.

Take advantage of a precised segmentation of your coworkers in order to personalize your email signatures and communication banners.

Your recruitment team will communicate on your job offers while your sales team will promote your company's products and services.

Assign SIGNITIC (2/4 GROUPS) IT Sales Marketing LYON AGENCY (0/1 GROUP) Human Resources
Planning Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun. 18 4 11 25 12 19 5 26 13 20 6 27 14 21 7 28 15 22 8 29 16 1 9 23 30 17 2 10 24 31

Plan your communication

The right content at the right time, plan your wishes for 2036!

Publish your communication campaigns on time. No more outdated banners!

Your Christmas greetings will no longer appear in July, as your communication on your events can be planned several months before.

Prioritize your campaigns

Promote your news

Broadcast a multitude of communication banners simultaneously, prioritize each one and test it with A/B testing.

Prioritize High Medium Low
Target Internal External

Target your recipients.

Internal ? External ?

For Microsoft 365 only

Communicating with your customers is a major issue, but what about your coworkers?

Change your email signatures and communication banners according to your recipient.

Monitor your performance

of each element in your signatures

Thanks to Signitic's detailed statistics, analyze the clicks on your social networks, website, shared calendar, etc.

Sort, filter and export your results by users, templates and campaigns.

Refine your target, the format of your messages and generate leads.

Clicks per user 25 29 61 35 43 333 99 20 61 42 74 801 36 126 82 57 33 96 33 84 82 57 411 24 18 57 61 48 50 75 March 2024

Create your banners with Canva

The number one tool for online creation

With Canva integration, save time to your marketing team by using a solution that is integrated with your daily tools!

Key features

Design signatures with our specialized drag&drop editor
Access to detailed statistics
Creation and planification of communication campaigns
Multi-brand and multi-agency management
Integration of the Canva banner creation tool.
A/B testing
Automatic rotation through A/B testing
Plan your communication banners several weeks in advance
Internal/external signatures

We actually care!

We changed providers at the beginning of the year and Signitic was an obvious choice: an intuitive and ultra-easy-to-use platform, very powerful and matching our needs 100%. As for the deployment, only 2 days including configuration. Not only we are satisfied, but we are also fans. Thank you Signitic!

Alice, Eurecia

Software · 120 coworkers

Signitic is first of all a very professional email signature, and it is above all a very good, flexible and efficient communication channel.

Eric, Socorège


A particularly well-made and simple tool, which has allowed WeLoop to rapidly accelerate its notoriety. Bravo Signitic! :)

Victor, WeLoop


Signitic: a tool that is easy to use and simple to integrate. The management of user groups personalizes our signatures in a relevant way and the communication campaigns are a real marketing asset. Moreover, the teams are always available if needed.

ZBO Media
Antoine, ZBO Media


We have been using Signitic for a few months now. As a franchise network with over 70 locations, Signitic makes our life easier by centralizing all signatures and allows us to create marketing campaigns easily. The team is very dynamic and reactive when we need advice for the optimization of our signatures or our campaigns.

Maxime, WashandCheck


Signitic is an easy-to-use tool that has really simplified the time-consuming task of employee onboarding. Before, we had to create an email signature for each new employee. Now, all our signatures are centralized and automatically harmonized. With the campaign function, we use the email channel as a real communication channel, just like a newsletter or a social network campaign.

Alexandre, AWAM


Thanks to Signitic, we have improved our brand image and our professionalism. Employees also have a better understanding of each other's jobs and services. The common signature unites, reassures and engages!

Tamara, WebForce

Education · 170 coworkers

Signitic allowed us to centralize the signatures of the entire team in less than 10 minutes! No more tedious integrations, no more improvised signatures, the marketing department is back in charge! I can only recommend this service, which is by far the most efficient in this area (we have tested others before). Moreover, a special mention for the reactive and very friendly support team!

Sébastien, FinovUp


Signitic allowed us to easily manage the signatures for our 600 employees spread over 4 different brands. Thank you to the Signitic teams who supported us during this deployment.

Jean-Loup, Mistertemp’

Recruitment · 600 coworkers

Having changed our graphic identity last summer, Signitic was a great ally in deploying it quickly and on all our employees' signatures. The flexibility and ergonomics of the platform make it possible to create campaigns and signatures in a few clicks. It's great!

AS Saint-Étienne
Thomas, AS Saint-Étienne

Sports · 150 coworkers

Simple, effective and easy to implement, the tool enabled us to harmonise all the signatures but also to customise them by department! In addition, the platform that allows us to centralise the management and creation of these signatures is intuitive. In short, we couldn't do without it! Thank you Lyon 🇫🇷

Claire, Agendize


We were looking for a simple, fast and efficient solution to harmonise the signatures of all our employees, but also to carry out marketing campaigns to highlight our company's news. Signitic allows us to centralise the management of these functions. It is easy to use and saves a lot of time. Moreover, it is an essential tool for brand identity. Thank you to the Signitic team for the deployment of this tool and their availability. Translated with (free version)

Cynthiana, Enerfip


Signitic is very practical for all companies that want to have professional signatures and a simple and complete management tool. The teams are very available.

Gekko Group
Elodie, Gekko Group

Tourism · 300 coworkers

We recommend Signitic for your email signatures! It's fast and efficient. The tool is practical and new features are frequently added. The support team is great, well done!

Jean-Didier, BnB


The solution proposed by Signitic is easy to use and saves a lot of time in managing the email signatures of employees.



Signitic gives us the possibility to harmonize simply and quickly all the collaborators' signatures, and to gain in agility and flexibility while keeping a perfect management of the brand image.

Euridis Business School
Kevin, Euridis Business School

Education · 140 coworkers

Signitic is fast and easy to use, with a highly responsive team that enabled us to get our hands on the signatures in just a few clicks.

Groupe Nice-Matin
Olivia, Groupe Nice-Matin

Marketing · 650 coworkers