Broadcast and program banners according to different targeting

ARTIC, an IT business unit at 4 Cerfrance specializing in accounting expertise and consulting, needed to share its events and communications via a harmonized email signature for all employees.


What does Artic/Cerfrance do?

Since 1969, ARTIC has been the IT division of 4 Cerfrance, which specialize in accounting expertise and consulting: Cerfrance Mayenne-Sarthe, Cerfrance Normandy West, Cerfrance Orne and Cerfrance Seine-Normandie. The sixty employees cover the missions of an IT department at the service of 1800 employees spread over 70 sites in Normandy, Mayenne and Sarthe.

The challenges that Signitic made it possible to respond to:

The company needed a tool that would allow the distribution and programming of different banners targeting agencies, cities, employee jobs... After testing several solutions, employees turned to Signtic, a simple and intuitive solution that allows them to share events and communications via a harmonized email signature. The strong point of Signitic is its evolutionary side, which offers other functionalities such as the vCard (virtual business card) that the company will deploy.

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