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With nearly 3,000 employees in more than 1,000 centers and workshops, Carglass, the specialist in the repair and replacement of automotive windows, needed a harmonized solution to convey its image and communicate its news.


What does Carglass do?

Founded in 1986, Carglass specializes in the repair and replacement of vehicle windows.

Carglass has nearly 3,000 employees, more than 700 service centers and more than 350 automotive workshops in France*. Since 1986, individuals, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies, as well as fleets and rental companies, have trusted Carglass.

Carglass covers 100% of France and manages more than one million customers per year.

The issues

Centralization and harmonization of the network image  

  • In the vicinity 3,000 employees have an email address on Microsoft Office 365.
  • Electronic signatures were left to the free creativity of employees or formalized manually. but not standardized. With employees spread across France, Carglass wanted to maintain a consistent brand image and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the network.

Promote news  

Carglass must transmit corporate messages while communicating personalized news.

Through this project, Carglass wants to:

  • Boost content created by marketing
  • Boost B2B salesS opportunities
  • Follow the impact of the signature via detailed statistics

How did Signitic help solve these problems?

Based on our experience with major accounts, we have put in place a 4-step program to ensure a smooth and effective deployment. This tailor-made support allowed us to create a relationship of trust with the teams and to move forward with confidence. ‍

Once deployed, our solution provided an effective response to the problems encountered by Carglass by centralizing the management of electronic signatures and campaigns. Thanks to the support we provided upfront, the teams adopted Signitic with flying colors!

To learn more about the different stages of the project and the results, download the complete use case.

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