5 best practices for harmonizing my email signatures

5 best practices for harmonizing my email signatures

Are you wondering about the best way to harmonize the email signatures of your employees? We are just sharing our 5 best practices with you, let's go!

Tip 1: I think mobile first

Make sure that the rendering of your email signature is as functional on desktop as on mobile and that your logo is sufficiently visible, that it is not stretched. Today, many employees consult their professional emails on their smartphone, it would be a shame not to have checked the display of your signature before opening this email...

Tip 2: I humanize my signature

Make your email signature more human! As on LinkedIn, where we prefer to interact with people rather than businesses, the same is true for your email signatures.

This is even more true when your interlocutors do not know you: add your photo and contact details would therefore make it possible to ensure that you are remembered. And then, updating your contact details is like thinking about locking the door when leaving, it is essential (well, normally).

Would you like to know that during the next customer appointment, your prospect remembers you without you having to introduce yourself? Oh yeah and while we're at it, feel free to add your company slogan in your signature, it's even better.

Tip 3: I vary the communication banners

You are fortunate to be able to use, at a lower cost, a powerful channel so make good use of it and take advantage of it to communicate all the useful information, content or events organized by your company.

Ideally, Automatically change the banner every day ! Why settle for one banner when you can have several in different formats? Change often has a positive impact on the mood of your interlocutors.


Tip 4: I don't forget the calls to action

Do you have business pages on social networks? Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or simply your website? Use these links to create traffic and draw audiences to your content.

Even better is to add “calls to action” on your communication banners and email signatures: just to give your users a boost! By the way, don't forget to use “UTMs” in clickable links so you can analyze your traffic.

Tip 5: I segment my users

Your company probably includes different departments: the HR department, the accounting department, support or even the sales department. All your messages will not necessarily have the same impact depending on who they are addressed to.

If you create groups adapted to your types of users, you will be more easily able to reach your targets. Do you have a communication campaign for future candidates? Hop, I'm planning a communication banner for the “HR” group. Conversely, do you want to communicate about your new promotion? Spreading the banner to the sales team will improve your results.

And that's it, this article is already over, we hope you enjoyed it. Stay connected, new articles will be coming soon...

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