How do I create an external communication plan?

How do I create an external communication plan?

External communication represents all the means implemented by a company to promote your identity to the general public. In 2021, Onisep identified 700,000 employees in the communication sector, a figure that says a lot about the importance of this sector for smooth running of a business. In order to optimize your advertising campaigns, it is important to organize them well by creating an external communication plan beforehand. This process is essential for develop notoriety of a company and give it a better visibility.

To be effective, this strategy is organized into various stages and requires the deployment of a multi-channel communication. Learn how to create an external communication plan with Signitic!

What is an external communication plan?

Definition of the external communication plan

Creating an external communication plan consists of to define and plan all operations, the processes and actions to be deployed with a target audience to enhance the image of a company. For this strategy to be effective, it is also necessary to determine future communication channels to use. This plan takes the form of a detailed document and must meet specific objectives on a pre-established period.

If the external communication plan is generally aimed at consumers, suppliers and partners, it should not be confused with the internal communication strategy, which is, in turn, intended for a company's employees.

The tools used for an external communication plan

For that the company positions itself effectively in its environment, it is appropriate to choose adapted communication tools like:

  • emailing;
  • events (trade show, conference, etc.);
  • press releases;
  • social networks;
  • text messages and phone calls;
  • company logo;
  • business cards;
  • the use of a website;
  • brochures and flyers;
  • advertising posters.

Why is the external communication plan important?

Gain visibility

The external communication plan plays a essential role in the visibility of your business. By organizing your operations, you will precisely determine the audience to whom to communicate, so it will be easier to choose the right communication tools to develop your reputation. However, your business must rely on a variety of channels to successfully Make an impression on your audience and encourage them to buy.

Convey a positive image

It is by deploying your external communication operations that the public can develop an interest, an opinion or an opinion for your brand. For him to be able to identify with what you offer, it is necessary to convey messages that reflect your company's culture and identity. In this sense, the implementation of a strategy is essential for Define exact values in advance that you want to transmit.

By giving a positive image of your business with its advantages and its fields of expertise, you stand out from the competition And you Encourage your community to choose you !

What are the different steps in creating an external communication plan?

Take into account the context of your project

Before defining the goals of the communication plan, it is essential toidentify different elements of the context of your project:

  • budget and human resources made available to you;
  • The weather that you can devote to it;
  • constraints and limits that you are facing;
  • The help that you can rely on.

Define your goals

An external communication plan is put in place in order to achieve objectives determined in advance like:

  • A message to convey (promoting a new product, attracting new customers, etc.);
  • Expected results at the end of communication operations;
  • The indicators who will tell you if your goals are being met;
  • the target audience (young people, seniors, a particular profession, etc.).

By determining your goals, you will precisely identify your motivations and you will thus be able to establish a specific and effective communication strategy !


Define communication channels

The next step is to define external communication tools that you will need to meet your goals. Focus on The media that will reach the most people, but feel free to use a variety of channels to increase your visibility.

For communication aimed at your customers, feed your social networks first and foremost and take care of your advertising posters. Partners and investors, on the other hand, will be more attracted to events such as a webinar. It is therefore necessary to adapt your tools to your audience.

Choosing content and communication style

The style, images, and text used to communicate should reflect the identity of your business and Engage your audience. Be sure to vary the messages according to the groups you are targeting. If your content is consistent with your goals and audience expectations, your communication will bear fruit!

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