How to create an effective email signature banner?

How to create an effective email signature banner?

With a Average of 33 emails sent per person per day in France, the email is a major communication channel in the field of marketing. The impact of a well-defined email signature is therefore considerable both from a personal and professional point of view. If the email should be contextualized to interest the recipient, your presentation represents a major challenge that should also not be overlooked. Who has never been annoyed not to find the name or phone number of a recipient following an email received? In this sense, the effectiveness of an email signature is measured in its ability to facilitate, streamline and accelerate contact with your recipient in order to reach your goals more quickly.

To be effective, your email banner must respect certain rules in terms of content and aesthetics.

Signitic gives you 5 tips for creating an effective email signature banner!

Create a short and attractive email signature banner

Only include essential information

Ideally, your email signature should not exceed 4 lines : be concise, but precise! In order for it to attract the attention of the recipient, it must in fact present your identity clearly but briefly.

The essential elements that must necessarily appear on your email banner are:

  • your first and last name;
  • the name of your business;
  • the position held within the company;
  • your phone number.

No need to include your email address, your recipient already has it in their possession! If you still have space, recommend including a link to your company's website or a LinkedIn icon with a link to your profile.

Add a Call To Action (CTA)

To make an email banner more attractive, the call to action is a must. It comes in the form of a clickable button which will take you to a new page. “Discover our offers” or “click here” are CTAs frequently used in email banners.

An effective CTA can Encourage your recipient to contact you or simply at promote your business offers like a job search. For it to be effective, limit the use of only one CTA per email signature banner.


Take care of the design of your email signature banner

Don't overlook the design of your email banner, The shape is as important as the content. If its visual aspect is pleasant, the reader will notice it instantly!

To design the design of your email signature, you must respect a few imponderables:

  • Make your company logo appear ;
  • highlight your first and last name using a larger font size;
  • choose no more than two fonts, two colors, and two different sizes;
  • add a photo of yourself, an image catches the eye more easily;
  • Give priority black as font color.

By following these recommendations, you will reinforce the attractiveness and aesthetics of your email signature banner. However, it is important to check that your signature is correct. responsive, that is to say accessible, so that it can be displayed optimally on all devices: phones, computers and tablets.

Harmonize your email signature with those of your colleagues

The main objective of your professional email banner is to promote your brand image and the identity of your business. Employees are the first representatives; in this sense, it is important to harmonize their signatures. To do this, rely on a common model and keep the same design. Only information relating to the identity of the employee and the position held within the company should be changed from one signature to another.

While it is important to standardize email banners, Vary CTAs is however strongly recommended! For example, the communication department can promote a corporate event while the sales department can offer a recent purchase offer.

Choose an HTML email signature

Sometimes some images do not appear correctly on your computer: not all mailboxes have the same display technology. To get around this problem, it is strongly recommended to choose an HTML signature format that fits all email tools: your images and logos will thus always be displayed in an optimal way!

Does the HTML language seem complicated to you and you do not think you have the skills required to master its foundations? Many tools and guides are available on the internet to help you create an effective email signature banner in HTML format.

Choose Signitic to create the most effective email signature banner!

Signitic is the ideal solution for creating attractive and quality signatures ! Choose a model from our creations and personalize it at the image of your company.

Signitic offers all necessary benefits to the creation of an effective email banner:

  • An HTML format for compatibility designed for all messaging tools;
  • communication banners for add aesthetic and relevant CTAs;
  • a common model to standardize employee signatures.
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