5 types of “criminals” when it comes to email signatures

5 types of “criminals” when it comes to email signatures

As we spotted A few pitfalls frequent in your email signatures, we have Create 5 characters inspired by these situations. It's up to you to judge whether or not you identify yourself among one of these email signature “criminals”...

1- Franck the creative, his crime: using “Comic Sans MS”

He is present in numerous companies and reveals his pronounced taste for the famous “Comic Sans MS” typography revealed in the 90s. Certainly, it was a success for a few years, too bad that this success is now over... Our advice? Avoid it at all costs: in your email signatures and even elsewhere!

2- Camille the selfie pro, her crime: choosing the wrong photo

She loves taking selfies, at her birthday party, with her friends and even at her house. The problem? Using a selfie as a photo in a professional context does not always make for good advertising... Especially in your email signatures. Our advice? Avoid selfies.

3- Arnold the artist, his crime: using too many colors

He too is very often present in the business world, he particularly likes use colors in your visuals Especially when they don't not part of the graphic charter of the company. Our advice? Even if colorful visuals are fun, limit them to colors that (really) embody your business...

4- Ginie the untraceable, son: do not add her contact details

>In general she is content with the minimum, entering her name and first name in her email signature. Unless this data is already entered automatically...

You will have understood it, Ginie doesn't like to fill in the fields too much This is why you will have difficulty contacting her without her mobile number or address. Good luck!

Our advice? Add your contact details (telephone, email, address, job title...). By following this advice, it is above all your interlocutors who will thank you.


5- Jean le Couteau-Suisse, his crime: a too exhaustive title

We meet him often, he is gifted and versatile. Moreover, this versatility is sometimes a bit too present... For example, Jean likes to indicate in the title of his email signature that he is at the same time Freelance, Director, Coach and much more again!

Even if we particularly like this type of atypical and multidisciplinary profile, it must be recognized that this can somewhat slow down your interlocutors. Our advice? Get to the point and only share the title that's right for your audience, the one who will be in direct contact with your email signatures.

This article is over, we hope you enjoyed it! Maybe you will have recognized yourself or one of your peers.

See you very soon for new content!

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