Communication banner and call to action, how does it work?

Communication banner and call to action, how does it work?

Did you know that most of the time, your targets need an opportunity to click to consult your content? And no, at the risk of disappointing you, not everyone will always spontaneously search for your brand on their search engine to consult them. Very often, it is a call to action that triggers this visit...

What is a call to action?

A call to action, commonly called “CTA”, is a button comprising a word, or group of words, that will facilitate the passage of an Internet user to action by arousing his interest.

To illustrate this, it is when you read “Discover the article”, “Apply”, “Download” or even “Test” that you decide to take action. In a web marketing strategy, it is essential to optimize these CTAs to achieve your goals.

How to optimize it?

You decided to add a CTA to your communication banner, great idea! Now all you have to do is know how to optimize it: it must be short, visible and meet the needs of your target audience. If you are communicating about the release of a new white paper available, it is better to add a CTA “I want to download it” rather than “I want to consult it.” Indeed, your CTA should suggest concrete action.


Why add a call to action on my banner?

When you communicate via your email signatures, your interlocutors perceive your communication banner and their message. If you also add this CTA, you will promote a better conversion rate: these users will therefore more easily be led to buy, download or even give their opinion on your survey. Read the article to boost your survey.

Do you need your customers, candidates or employees to take action and focus on your various communication channels? Hop, a new CTA on my banner!

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