Discover the email signatures of Harry Potter movie characters

Discover the email signatures of Harry Potter movie characters

Harry Potter, a great classic that you have necessarily already watched at least once, if not even 100 times. For all Harry Potter fans or simply curious, we imagined what the email signatures of your heroes would look like (or not)...

1- Movie hero, the famous wizard Harry Potter

Recognizable by his legendary scar, Harry Potter is obviously included in this article. We admire his courage and his strength: he still fought the one whose name should not be pronounced a few times...

2- Rubeus Hagrid, our favorite half-giant

A big beard, a big man and an unconditional fan of unusual animals, Hagrid is also known for his big heart. Incidentally, he also likes dragons: in his signature he shares with you his best practices for learning how to raise them!

3- The most brilliant: Hermione Granger

With almost extraordinary memory skills, Harry Potter's loyal friend Hermione Granger is known for her intellect and her ability to memorize numerous spells!

4- Drago Malfoy

We grant you, he is not our favorite character. Drago Malfoy does not carry Harry Potter and his friends in his heart, nor is he very friendly. It could help you get hated by your employees from day one...

5- A powerful and wise sorcerer? This is Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School, embodies benevolence and wisdom. Very easily identifiable by his very long beard, he will be able to give you advice to learn how to maintain it!

6- The impenetrable Rogue Severus

A fairly enigmatic character, we cannot say that Severus Rogue is very warm. Quite unsympathetic and showing no emotion, he is however not as ill-intentioned as it seems. It will help you hide all your emotions from your fellow human beings!

7- The one whose name should not be pronounced... Voldemort

A powerful sorcerer of black magic, Lord Voldemort embodies the fear and adversary of Harry Potter causing the death of both his parents. Even if we don't really like it, it has the unfortunate tendency to leave traces...


8- The unforgettable Ron Weasley

A great friend of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley is identifiable by his red hair similar to his entire family. We admire his kindness and his loyalty, that said, spending a trip in a flying car at his side can sometimes be chaotic...

9- The clumsiest wizard: Neville Longbottom

Ah... Neville, the sorcerer who has a lot of misadventures! Between a first day with a broom falling or even when he ends up hanging on a chandelier, you don't get bored by his side. However, he shows courage on numerous occasions, but when in doubt, take good insurance.

10 - Our favorite elf, Dobby of course!

Dobby, the elf who is now free thanks to Harry Potter, is at once endearing, benevolent and protective. Who wouldn't vote for him? Let's vote Dobby, for a free elf!

And that's it, this article is already over. If you liked it, do not hesitate to give us your feedback on the site or on our Significtic LinkedIn page !

See you very soon!

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