What are the best external communication tools?

What are the best external communication tools?

Among the challenges of successful development on the Internet, having good communication is the most effective way to build a company's image and identity on a lasting basis. According to a study published by Les Echos, The communication market in France flirted with 34 billion euros in 2019. Communication takes several forms: conducted internally, it guarantees an efficient inter-company organization, while external communication is the key to a effective marketing strategy and relevant to stand out from competitors in the sector and expose its added value. To ensure optimal communication with potential customers, various highly efficient digital tools have emerged in recent years and marked a turning point in the way of addressing its audience. E-mailing, social networks, website: communication tools that are very different, but yet very complementary.

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What is external communication in business?

Definition of external communication

Derived from the Latin communis which means common, business communication refers to techniques and means implemented to increase its reputation and to communicate with an internal or external audience such as customers, future partners or potential partners. External communication can take different forms depending on the target audience and is achieved using powerful communication tools. To implement the best communication strategy, a external communication plan must be decided in advance. It will guide you to the preferred media and tools to transmit the messages and information that you want to share externally with your customers.

What are the goals of external communication?

Although the objectives of external communication are varied and depend on the sector of activity, they all respond to An issue of company valuation. It should be seen as an opportunity to make yourself known, but also to strengthen the corporate identity in the collective spirit. Good external communication with a clear and committed message will be unifying and will increase the trust of your customers and prospects. It will strengthen the link with the target audience and establish the foundations of a lasting relationship with your customers. All the external communication actions carried out will be essential for the message differentiation that you want to convey.

The best external communication tools

Multiple marketing tools and materials can be essential to successfully carry out your external communication strategy for your online business.

The website: an online showcase, and much more

Owning a website or a “showcase site” has become essential for any company that wants to have a sustainable online presence. However, to strengthen your external communication, it is necessary to take care of its implementation and to work on its natural referencing.

The website is often the first point of contact between a business and its customers, playing a crucial role in forming the first impression of the brand. An effective website can increase visibility, improve credibility, and provide an accessible platform for presenting information, products, and services. The creation of a creative and unique website is essential to differentiate yourself and attract the attention of its visitors. The creation of a clear web page with a clean design and with a personalized graphic charter in the image of your company is the key to successful external communication. Promoting the products and services offered by the company and increasing your reputation are the main advantages of this marketing tool. Surround yourself with the most experienced designers, like the Wordpress agency Citron Noir to create a unique website that reflects your business. Transform each visit of your customers into a unique opportunity for loyalty, make your website an indispensable asset in your brand's marketing strategy.

Social networks: communication tool to promote your business externally

Long reserved for the private sphere, social networks have increased in the professional field in the last decade. More and more companies are in fact using these digital media to convey the messages that are dear to them and promote their products. External communication on social networks, also called social media marketing (SMM) brings together all the marketing techniques used to transmit a message on the Web via the powerful tool of social networks.

External communication carried out on these media requires significant thought at the outset and invites consideration of the following elements:

  • What media should be mobilized? Adding photos or videos allows you to vary the content and the way in which information is shared. Written personal posts are a way to directly address a message or an opinion to an audience and can create a certain proximity;
  • What audience should we address? Establishing a marketing persona makes it possible to target the base of potential customers;
  • On which social network should you communicate? A social network for each marketing objective! Facebook offers a very high community potential, Twitter will be your essential tool for sharing information in real time, Instagram will highlight your products and enhance your company's image and LinkedIn will strengthen your professional audience and your network.

Did you know that in 2021 in France, LinkedIn had over 11.5 million active members every month ? A potential audience not to be underestimated!

Choose your social communication tool that generates traffic and increase your visibility through a regular and constant publication strategy.


External prospecting: historical communication tool

Contacting customers by phone or text message is a very old external communication strategy that has proven its worth and that must be carefully organized. Define a customer target and filter information that you want to convey is essential for a good external prospecting. This type of marketing actions requires mobilizing various automation means and tools in order not to waste time in setting it up. Take advantage of these external communication media to strengthen relationships with your customers by personalizing the various exchanges.

E-mailing: external communication with your customers, as simple as an email

Used for internal and external communication, e-mailing is one of the essential components for optimal organization in business. This marketing tool combines speed in the transmission of information. and ease in its implementation. To guarantee good communication on this medium, a carefully chosen email address is mandatory. Think about it include the name of your business in order to double your click rate and avoid being redirected to your customers' spam folder. Personalize your objects and content and insert links in the body of your emails to announce information related to internal events and boost the sales of your products. Finally, Take care of your signature which in itself is a very powerful communication tool and reinforces the coherence of your company's identity.

The Signitic solution to deploy your marketing communication force

Do you know Signitic, the specialist in email signatures? Calling on us is unleash the potential of your business and materialize it in a well-established and well-thought-out marketing strategy. Change your external communication method with this tool: personalize your banners according to your company's news, share tailor-made content by filtering your customer base and save time thanks to automating signatures internally.

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