How can I boost the visibility of my association in 6 steps?

How can I boost the visibility of my association in 6 steps?

Are you in charge of the communication of your association and want to gain visibility among your target audiences? That's good: email signatures can become your ally! Discover in 6 steps how to boost your visibility using your email signatures.

1- Highlight your visual identity
Customizing your email signatures and communication banners according to your visual identity can help you stand out. Add your logo in your email signatures, the colors of your graphic charter on your banner and at a glance, all the people who receive your message will be able to identify you and therefore remember you!

2- Keep a communication banner at all times
Communication banners are great communication materials that you can use as you please. Useful for conveying a graphic identity or even a key message, it would be a shame to do without them! Ensuring that an up-to-date banner is always active in your signatures will facilitate the visibility of your communication.

3- Take advantage of the calendar holidays to communicate
The annual holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Epiphany etc.) but also the seasons are opportunities for you to communicate. Create an original visual that represents you and add it to one of your communication banners: guaranteed success!


4- Communicate about your festivities
Does your association organize and/or support numerous events? Take the opportunity to relay them directly to your banners! Not only will your festivities be more visible but you can also include a link to the event to boost your participation rate.

5- Raise awareness among your target audiences
Whether you are a cultural, sports or humanitarian association, you must raise awareness among your target audiences. Communication banners can allow you to broadcast your key messages, why not suggest the call for donations to your contacts?

6- Relay your news
Does your association have a blog, a LinkedIn page or even a news area on your website? Use your banners to announce the release of a new publication, taking care to always include a link to the publication to promote visibility but also the rate of traffic to your website.

Do not wait any longer to exploit the potential of your emails!

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