How do I add a link in an email signature?

How do I add a link in an email signature?

Did you know that it was possible to add links in your email signature? Hypertext links are part of the HTML language, which appeared in 1990 and which made possible, thanks to the use of tags, the creation of web pages, the layout of their content or the addition of interactive elements such as links or multimedia resources. These hypertext links are very used in marketing strategies and can redirect your readers to all the web pages of your choice: a relevant way to return your email signatures directly clickable for all your recipients !

Signitic guides you from A to Z for create an email signature with a relevant link !

What is the role of a link in an email signature?

What is a hyperlink?

A hypertext link is an element in a web page or an email that redirects to other content or another web page when clicked. The link can take the form of text, identifiable by its underlining and color that differs from the rest of the text, but it can also be in the form of a image, illustration, CTA button (call to action) or even a photograph.

Why create an email signature with a link?

The advantage of a hypertext link is that it can lead to any web page. Its use is very popular in marketing promotion campaigns, especially in emailing. In fact, it allows you to personalize and adapt the content of the signature in order to be in accordance with the marketing or communication strategy deployed by the company.

How do I create an email signature with a hypertext link?

Where can I put a link in an email signature?

The hypertext link improves the dynamism of your signatures and can be added to various elements such as:

  • a logo: to redirect to your website;
  • a button: to conduct a contact form, a satisfaction survey, a quote request, a white paper, etc.;
  • an image: to redirect to products, solutions or even to an about page;
  • a text: to provide access to your online contact information such as your postal address, telephone number or email address;
  • a banner: to communicate about your current offers, an event or any other page that you want to highlight;
  • icons: to quickly share your social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What are the steps to add a link to an email signature?

Before you start adding a hyperlink in your email signature, you need to make sure that Your email client allows HTML. Once you have completed this check, follow these steps:

  • go to the web page to which you want to link;
  • copy the URL of this page that starts with “http://” from your internet browser;
  • Open your HTML file email signature in your email client;
  • open the settings email signature by clicking on “option” or “signature” to modify it;
  • click on “file” or on “edit in HTML mode”;
  • add the HTML code the website or web page in the signature box;
  • Replace “this is the text that will appear in the email” because what you want to see on the link;
  • Save your signature.

You can also use an email signature generator to simplify all settings and add links in one click!


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