How do I create an online satisfaction survey?

How do I create an online satisfaction survey?

For gather the opinion of their customers and In this way, measure their satisfaction rate, many companies choose to broadcast satisfaction surveys online. Taking the form of a questionnaire, this survey is a particularly effective marketing tool to allow businesses to meet the needs of their customers, to analyze their performances, of gain in efficiency And of develop their brand image.

One Study published in 2021 by Guest Suite reveals, however, that the response rates to the questionnaires are rather low: between 5 and 15%! For your online satisfaction survey to be effective, its creation must therefore be thorough and go through different steps Who determine its objectives, the methods of writing To be mobilized and communication tools to be deployed to your customers.

Why and how to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? Signitic guides you in creating this questionnaire for numerous advantages !

Customer satisfaction survey: what are the challenges?

The online satisfaction survey is the best way to collect The opinions of your customers about your business. It is a powerful marketing tool for:

  • maintaining the relationship with your customers by informing them of their expectations and needs;
  • improve your brand image by showing a willingness to include the opinions of your customers in the actions implemented by your company;
  • increase your performance by identifying the points of dissatisfaction of your customers;
  • check the effectiveness of your services, your products and your company by collecting the various opinions.

Sending this type of request is also a good way toavoid negative comments on the web which prove to be a real obstacle to the popularity of a company.

Customer satisfaction survey: what are the stages of its creation?

Determining the scope of the investigation

The first step is to Determine the framework of your satisfaction survey so that it is effective.

Start with Define the objective of your investigation : do you want to measure the satisfaction of a service, a specific product or the company as a whole? Then identify your target : it can be all of your customers or only a certain category. Finally, Define the periodicity when to send your survey: every month, every quarter, etc. It is up to you to decide, but it is recommended that you measure satisfaction regularly of your customers so that your business can adjust and improve its performance as frequently as possible.

Writing the online satisfaction survey

Writing your online satisfaction survey is a step that should not be overlooked! If the questionnaire is not meticulous, your customers will not pay attention to it and you will receive few reviews.

For Make your customers want to respond, you must:

  • write a satisfaction survey that is not too long ;
  • Do an introduction to explain the objectives of the investigation;
  • Formulate clear questions and accurate;
  • Take care of the shape as well as the content to give a positive image of your business;
  • Make sure to stay within the goals of your study;
  • Put a free comment area so that your customers can express themselves on the topics of their choice.

To write your online satisfaction survey, you have the choice between different types of questions : Multiple Choice Quiz (MCQ), open questions, etc. Use the most relevant ones to gather the opinions of the targeted audience.

Broadcast the satisfaction survey online

To broadcast your online satisfaction survey, you should use effective communication tools ! To do this, several solutions are available to you:

  • Emailing by making sure to take good care of the subject of your emails;
  • Social networks, particularly suitable for reaching a wider audience;
  • The email signature by inserting a link to the questionnaire on a communication banner;
  • The phone call allows you to guide and develop the responses of your interlocutors;
  • The website of your business.

Choose the most effective communication tools adapted to your target. For example, to target a fairly young community, social networks seem to be more relevant than telephone calls.


Analyzing the results of the online satisfaction survey

At the end of your satisfaction survey, the results collected will allow you toanalyze the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator: performance indicator in French). Thanks to its indicators, you will be able to identify the positive and negative points of your organization and thus determine areas of improvement to be implemented.

Do not hesitate to inform your customers of the actions you have decided to take as a result of the results: you will thus show that you are a company that listens to the expectations of its customers.

Signitic: the ideal solution for distributing your online satisfaction survey!

Did you know that Email was the preferred communication channel for 52% of French people in 2021? To increase the relevance of this method of communication, however, it is important to pay particular attention to your email signature: a particularly innovative solution to broadcast your satisfaction surveys online!

Signitic In this sense, it offers you customize email signatures of all your employees thanks to communication banners with powerful CTAs (Call To Action) that will encourage your recipients to answer the questionnaire. With each email sent, you give your company an opportunity to Get valuable feedback to guarantee its success!

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