Measuring the effectiveness of my email campaigns and signatures

Measuring the effectiveness of my email campaigns and signatures

If you work in the field of communication, you probably have to face this very recurring problem: it is difficult to quantify the results of your business. At Signitic we wanted to give you a hand with the “Statistics” feature. Learn how to turn this feature into a valuable indicator!

1) The click, as a key indicator
The click is the main measurement indicator present on the Signitic tool. Thanks to it you can visualize, through a curve, the evolution of your click rate on your various signatures and campaigns.

If your structure has several subsidiaries, you can view your statistics by entity. The click rate is an interesting indicator because it also allows you to analyze your traffic rate on various communication channels: blog articles, websites, social networks, etc.

2) An analysis by signature and by campaign
On Signitic, the “statistics” feature allows you to know your click rate, but also to be able to dissociate the results obtained on your signatures from those obtained on your campaigns.

If you choose one display per signature, you will then see the overall click rate of all of your signatures or you will choose to view the results of only one signature at a time. You will therefore be able to indicate which signature generated the highest click through rate.


3) The evolution of statistics, by period
One last element to take into account and not the least: the period selected for your statistics. Indeed, when you view your results by campaign or by signature, you must choose the period: “over this last week” or even “over the last 6 months”. This criterion is important because all the representativeness and objectivity of your results are based on this temporality.

And now you have the keys in your hands: with this dashboard already ready, you are in a position to monitor your results in real time, but also to present them to your management.

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