Testimonial: Tilkee

Testimonial: Tilkee

For some time now, Signitic was adopted by Tilkee to manage its email signatures. Homogenization of signatures, promotion facilitated by banners, visibility of statistics, efficiency... In short, discover how Signitic contributed to better commercial prospecting at Tilkee!

Who is Tilkee ?

It is a platform that has as its main objective commercial optimization thanks, in particular, to the analysis and reading of commercial and marketing documents. With the data obtained in real time, commercial reminders are optimized and salespeople more responsive and effective.

How do they use the Signitic solution on a daily basis?

Since using Signitic, they have opted for a automated standardization of all of their email signatures. They Save time but also improve their image since all the signatures of their employees are harmonized.

What does that change in their communication?

The creation of communication banners, directly from the platform, allowed them to promote their content : a video of their service offer, a campaign to receive opinions and testimonies from their customers and the sharing of a mini book on the various possible use cases of the platform.

It is now much easier for Fanny Albrieux, Communication Manager at Tilkee, to ensure the visibility of news of the company. And the salespeople? They distribute Tilkee's offers and news to their prospects and customers, all without doing anything.


The little extra? They are now using the “statistics” feature to analyze which email signatures there were more clicks and views on but also the associated communication banners.

What do we take away from it?

This use case once again confirms the effectiveness of this webmarketing tool. It illustrates how email signatures can contribute to your prospecting, in any field of activity. As a lever for growth hacking, they are likely to lead prospects to you. Enough to make the daily life of your salespeople easier, right?

Thanks to Sylvain Tillon and Fanny Albrieux for their feedback!

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