The 10 messages to send via your email signature

The 10 messages to send via your email signature

Signitic, a Positive Group solution, allows companies to simplify the management of email signatures for their employees. Thanks to this platform, it is possible to integrate messages or communication banners at the end of each email sent. This feature provides businesses with a convenient and effective way to deliver messages every time their employees interact. Here are 10 examples of messages you could include in your email signatures via Signitic:

Promotion and special offers:

Announce your promotions and special offers with your email signatures. Let your contacts know about exclusive discounts and opportunities that are available for a limited time. This keeps your customers informed of business benefits and encourages them to take advantage of these offers. Remember to include the end date of the offer to create a sense of urgency.

Upcoming events:

Keep your contacts informed of upcoming events, whether webinars, conferences, or trade shows organized or in which your business participates. Share details such as dates, locations, and registration links to make it easier to participate. This approach reinforces your visibility on the market and promotes opportunities to meet your customers and prospects.

Product launches:

Take advantage of email signatures to promote the new products or services you are launching. Concise key features and benefits to generate interest and encourage early sales. You can also offer special launch offers to encourage purchases.

Important updates:

Communicate the latest important news about your company or field of activity that may be of interest to your contacts. This may include policy changes, acquisitions, partnerships, or rewards. Email signatures are proving to be an effective way to keep your contacts informed about changes in your business.

Educational content:

Offer links to valuable resources such as blogs, case studies, ebooks, or video tutorials. This educational content adds value to your communications and strengthens your expertise in your industry. Be sure to update these resources regularly to keep your contacts interested.


Social networks:

Encourage your contacts to join your social networks by integrating links to your profiles. This strategy increases your online presence and promotes exchanges with your audience. Highlight the platforms where you are most active so that your contacts can find relevant content.

Loyalty or sponsorship programs:

Tell your contacts about the loyalty or sponsorship programs available and briefly explain the benefits and how to participate. This approach encourages your contacts to become more involved with your company and to recommend your products or services to their network.

Surveys and Feedback:

Invite your contacts to express their opinion by taking part in surveys or by giving their opinion on your business, products or services. Email signatures offer a practical and effective method for collecting valuable information in order to improve your offer and meet the expectations of your customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Express your commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in order to demonstrate your company's involvement in social or environmental causes. This approach strengthens your brand image and establishes an emotional connection with your contacts. Highlight the concrete actions carried out by your company as well as the results obtained to illustrate your commitment to CSR.

Inspirational quotes or personalized messages:

Incorporate inspirational quotes or personalized messages into your email signatures to strengthen your relationships with your contacts and to add a personal touch to your communications. These elements help create an emotional connection with your recipients and leave a lasting impression. Be sure to choose quotes or messages that reflect your business values and match the mindset of your contacts.

Email signatures offer businesses an opportunity to take advantage of employee communications to deliver important messages. With tools like Signitic, you can quickly update these messages for all employees, ensuring consistent and effective communication.

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