22 Internal communication tools for businesses

22 Internal communication tools for businesses

Develop and harmonize internal communication within a large company are real challenges. The challenges of internal communication are important since it has a direct impact on the productivity and success of the company, and the well-being of employees and collaborators. It also has an impact on external communication and brand image. Good internal communication is a effective and unifying management tool. To do this, she must register in a communication strategy relevant and follow a internal communication plan adequate. Discover 22 effective internal communication tools for your business.

1 - The corporate Intranet

The Intranet allows you to centralize and to store all essential company information (news, documents, procedures, diaries, etc.). Perfectly adapted to remote working, it facilitates exchanges between employees, teams and management. Accessible via the Internet and based on the Cloud, the Intranet facilitates the organization and management of work, both for management and for employees.

2 - The internal podcast

It is a communication channel original and not very common in business. The podcast makes it possible to communicate in a more fun and informal way with a younger target audience. It has the advantage of being able to be listened to everywhere and on all types of media. It can also be used to interview collaborators, experts, etc. It is ideal for energize and humanize internal communication.

3 - Video meetings

With the development of teleworking, the online meetings have become widespread in business. They make it possible to overcome geographical distance and promote interaction between employees and project teams. Like face-to-face meetings, everyone can participate and exchange freely.

4 - The newsletter

Monthly or weekly, it allows you to Broadcast company news. Easy to set up and inexpensive, you can offer all types of media content (videos, images, links, etc.). Thanks to the segmentation of the email list, you can distribute it only to certain services and personalize the information according to your target audience. It allows valorize the work done and of federate around the values of the company.

5 - The internal journal

In digital or paper format, it is perfect for promote corporate culture. You can integrate portraits, interviews, an agenda of internal events, photos and discuss certain company projects. It is a good medium for valuing employees and collaborators.

6 - The internal corporate blog

It aims tonotify staff on projects, successes, company events. It will be more lively and representative if it is collaborative. Its content should be used to valorize and to federate employees. It can be integrated into the Intranet and will not be accessible externally.

7 - The email

Very time-consuming, this means of communication is increasingly replaced by more interactive tools such as instant messaging, corporate social networks, collaborative platforms. However, email is still widely used in external communication.


8 - The email signature

It must carry a Coherent image, harmonious and occupational of your business. The design and content are easily customizable for all staff. It is possible to integrate communication banners and Call to action that link to the pages of your choice (questionnaires, internal information, ongoing projects, etc.). In addition, statistical analysis tools allow you to measure the click rates and the engagement of your employees.

9 - The collaborative platform

This virtual workspace on the web integrates numerous functionalities (including instant chat and video conferencing). The tool allows teams to communicate effectively And of work in a coordinated manner. Saving time and productivity, better organization of work and tasks, and facilitated collaboration are among its advantages.

10 - Document sharing software

The documents are accessible to all employees, regardless of their geographical location. For better efficiency and to save time when looking for information, it is a good idea to structure and organize documents well.

11 - Shared online tools

The shared calendar, the storage tools of online documents (Cloud), workspaces and online documents (Google Workplace or Office) facilitate work and streamline internal communication.

12 - Team building

This unifying tool allows the various collaborators to get to know each other better by participating in activities that create links and strengthen team spirit.

13 - The welcome booklet

Strong tool useful for new employees, it introduces the company and its history. It facilitates the integration of a new collaborator. It allows him to become familiar with the corporate culture, its mission and its vision. It also includes practical information: organization charts, contacts, site maps, rules of procedure, etc.

14 - The feedbacks

It's about Bring back information to management or line managers. These may be recurring problems or one-off difficulties. The objective is of course to improve a situation.

15 - Internal events

These are moments of conviviality during which employees can get together to celebrate success and get to know each other better. Internal events are perfect for create a link between collaborators and federate the teams.

16 - The internal corporate social network

Complementary to the Intranet, it is user-friendly and allows informal exchanges on company life, projects, ideas, etc. It is customizable and perfectly suited for large companies. It simplifies communication between employees who are geographically remote.

17 - Instant messaging

Conversations take place in real time and can be classified into dedicated channels. More convenient than e-mails, it is possible to centralize images, documents, and discussion threads all in one place. It is essential for teams that work remotely and is gradually replacing sending emails.

18 - Project management tools

Intended for collaboration in project mode, they nevertheless reinforce internal communication between the various interlocutors and participants in the same project.

19 - Dedicated communities

It's about creating different communities in order to discuss a particular subject. Experts come to bring their skills, experiences and answer questions to help their employees with problems encountered. It is an effective tool for strengthen team spirit And themutual aid in the company.

20 - The idea box

This tool makes it possible to collect suggestions, to raise internal dysfunctions or problems. Employees and collaborators can give their opinion on the organization of work and sharing their vision of the functioning of the company. Giving them a voice allows valorize And ofinvolve more employees.

21 - The display

THEDisplay on panels is inexpensive and simple to set up. This tool is mandatory for information relating to safety, occupational health and labour inspection. THEdynamic signage and interactive can complement the wall display. Tool more innovative, it attracts the attention of employees.

22 - Survey tools

Easy to set up and distribute, these tools will allow you to give a voice to all employees. They encourage employee involvement. In addition, the answers are easy to manage since they are grouped together in the same place.
In order to find the internal communication tools the most adapted to the needs of your business, the best thing is to experiment and test them.

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