CRM, an ally of choice for your emailing campaigns

CRM, an ally of choice for your emailing campaigns

Digital transformation and the emergence of new communication channels have reinforced a concept that has become essential today: the customer must be at the center of your attention.

Do you see us coming? If there is one essential channel for addressing your targets directly and responding to strategies for studying and improving customer relationships, it is that of email.

Today, it is even one of the most profitable marketing channels with an average ROI estimated at 3800% according to a Litmus study. But why such success... and how can you boost your results thanks to email campaigns coupled with a CRM?

Three reasons to launch email campaigns

No need to have BAC +18 in computer knowledge

Creating and sending emails is now very easy. We no longer count the number of existing templates and platforms with integrated email creators.

On these, we now find block systems that can simply be dragged and dropped onto your email to easily build a personalized template: title, text, image, image+text... The only limits are your imagination.

Essential when it comes to getting to know your customers

The advantage of emailing is that it is full of KPIs that you can analyze: opening rate, click rate, most viewed areas etc.

With these, it becomes easy to optimize your messages by understanding what your audience is really interested in. It is also a preferred channel for creating surveys or satisfaction surveys.

The final objective is the same: use email to better understand your target audience and meet their expectations.

Automation, the spearhead of email campaigns

Another essential part of email campaigns is their ease of being automated by creating scenarios.

Welcome email, birthday, prospecting, follow-up... Whether in B2C or B2B, it is possible to create conditions for triggering emails to not only save time but above all to be there at the right time... But for this, you still need to have a clean and well-segmented database.

CRM and emailing: don't separate them anymore

Segmentation: even better with a CRM

As we said, just above, for email communication to be effective and reach the right target, you have to send the right message to the right person.

That's where segmentation comes in. It allows you to split your database according to attributes.

The CRM then comes into play. Thanks to all the information that you will have collected during contacts and exchanges with your targets, you will be able to divide your contacts into segments, such as:

  • Business sector
  • Interests
  • Sex
  • Average basket
  • Location

If you know what a particular target wants, you can create email campaigns adapted to their expectations.

You thus attract the right profiles, with an adapted message that is directly interesting to them.

This is how you will be able to maintain a relationship with your targets through email to convince them to become or remain customers... and this is where the second advantage appears.

From emailing to lead nurturing

Widely used for inbound marketing strategies, lead nurturing is a process that consists in building and maintaining a relationship with a target by email in order to educate them and make them move forward in the buying process.

This ongoing contact is generally based on sending useful and quality resources through an automation scenario. Here, we focus on pedagogy and didactics to provide solutions and continue to arouse the interest of the target audience in your services and/or products.

By using a CRM, you will therefore be able to combine the data acquired previously and your segmentation to create scenarios and content dedicated to certain people to further increase your chances of turning your target into a customer.


Customization, again and again

This is the purpose of the previous processes. Automating a campaign is good (as is knowing who to address it to), offering personalized content is better. It is even one of the key aspects of the success of a mailing campaign. While mass mailing is easy and practical to do, it is now a question of valuing your recipient even more.

Using “name” and “first name” variables are essential for example... but did you know that with a CRM you could go even further? With the data collected, you can completely automate campaigns to send a message adapted to the behavior of the receiver itself.

Sellsy and Signitic: an interconnected duo for successful emailings

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Today Signitic partner, you can centralize all your email signatures from Sellsy to maintain control over the visual identity of the signatures, personalize them and easily communicate integrated email banners.

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