Find 5 tips for communicating about your town hall!

Find 5 tips for communicating about your town hall!

Do you work in a town hall or another community? For you, is conveying a reliable image essential? One more reason to take care of your email signatures but also your communication banners.

Do you need some ideas for topics on which to communicate via your banners? We just gave you 5 tips to fuel your external communication!

1- Focus on your local events
Are you organizing a lot of events this month? Between the schedules of the next flea market, the nocturnal exhibition at the museum or the next concert, there are many opportunities to communicate about your events. Not only will you inform your citizens thanks to the communication banner but also encourage them to participate in your festivities!

2- Don't forget to celebrate the end and start of the year holidays
It is a must, every year, it is not possible not to wish Merry Christmas or the New Year in January. Use your creativity to offer the most original communication banners, it's also an opportunity to stand out and make sure your peers remember them!

3- Communicate about your news
Has your website been redesigned, your platform offers a new user experience or has a new publication recently appeared on your social networks? Take advantage of this novelty to communicate and guide your users to all of your communication media.


4- Communicate about local life
Do you have local news, big announcements to communicate? This is the ideal time to broadcast a new communication banner: you can take the floor and why not add a link to one of your news items?

5- Speak up, even in summer
Is summer approaching and the holidays are being felt? This is no reason to be absent, quite the contrary! The summer period is also conducive to communication: between the national holiday, the next fireworks display or even the evenings organized by the city, there are countless opportunities to speak out. Your communication banners can make your task easier, especially if the visual identity of your festivities is easily identifiable on your banners!

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