How to add an HTML signature on Gmail

How to add an HTML signature on Gmail

Today, many businesses choose to personalize their email signature with communication banners or images in order to promote their brand. For it to be dynamic, effective and richer in content, however, the signature must be under An HTML format. If it is possible to create andAdd a simple signature on Gmail, this is not the case for this type of format! To achieve this, it is necessary to follow a specific process : you will thus get a responsive and more attractive signature !

Discover the 5 key steps to add an HTML signature to Gmail !

What is an HTML signature?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language: markup language for hypertext in French) refers to a type of computer language used to decrypt web pages. It allows format an email signature with images, logos or links that will be displayed correctly on all digital media and all email clients, unlike a basic signature created directly on Gmail.

The 5 steps to add your HTML signature to Gmail

Step 1: Create the signature on Word

Open a new Word page and create your email signature by adding the elements you want: images, logos, Call To Action (CTA), etc.

Step 2: Use an HTML editor

After creating your signature, copy and paste it into a HTML code editor and to modify it in order to obtain the right spaces and the right style.

Step 3: Open your HTML signature in a web browser

Open your email signature file in a web browser, select it, and copy it. Make no mistake, it is The visual of your signature that you have to copy and not its HTML code!

Step 4: Add your HTML signature to Gmail

To successfully complete this step, you need to:

  • go to your Gmail account ;
  • click on the “Settings” icon at the top right;
  • go to the tab “See all settings” > “General” > “Signatures” ;
  • press the button” create a new signature” ;
  • name your signature;
  • Paste your signature in the corresponding field;
  • make changes if you want.

Step 5: Save your HTML signature to Gmail

You should then click on “Save changes.” Finally, check that your HTML signature is added by opening a new message!


The Signitic solution to easily add an HTML signature to Gmail!

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