How to add an image to a Gmail signature

How to add an image to a Gmail signature

Did you know that the image has a real role to play in an email signature? Besides making the signature more aesthetic, adding an image allows you to convey numerous messages, to affirm the visual identity of your brand, to reassure your customers or to show the creativity of your company. An image can also support a commercial action or attract the eye of the prospect: a boon for email marketing strategies. However, many users do not know how to insert it optimally. Si Several steps are required for the successful addition of an image in your Gmail signature, they are however very easy to carry out!

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Why add an image to your email signature?

Creating a Gmail signature with an image is very important for give a more professional look to your emails. An image can take various forms: logo, photography, illustration, banner, GIF or even icon. In addition, opt for the addition of a logo can increase the trust of the recipient who thus more easily identifies his interlocutor, while the insertion of a photo will give a more human character and personalized to your email signature. The key to enhancing your email signature is to choose the image according to the message you want to transmit!

The steps to insert an image into a Gmail email signature

To insert an image into your Gmail email client, you need to go to settings and follow the steps indicated :

  • open Gmail settings by clicking on the icon in the shape of a gear;
  • scroll down the settings page until you find Email signature settings ;
  • click in the dedicated box for the email signature and place your cursor where you want to add the image;
  • choose your image by clicking on the icon that represents a mountain: it can be an image hosted on the Internet, then all you have to do is add the image URL, an image to be imported from your computer or even an image saved on your Google drive;
  • choose the size of the image small, medium, large, or original size;
  • be sure to record the changes at the bottom of the settings page so that the email signature with the image is displayed in each of your shipments.


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