How do you get customer reviews effectively?

How do you get customer reviews effectively?

Did you know that According to IFOP, 87% of French people indicated in 2020 that they looked at customer reviews before making a purchase ? In this sense, testimonials and customer reviews represent crucial issues for businesses: they influence their e-reputation by reflecting the customer experience, whether good or bad. While customer reviews are essential to increase a company's business, improve its credibility and strengthen its brand image, businesses must adopt a proactive attitude in order to collect positive customer reviews.

Signitic gives you the keys to effectively collect customer reviews and get feedback at the right time!

What are customer reviews for?

Customer reviews allow you to build a reliable online reputation. Did you know that they play an essential role in improving your sales and turnover? Indeed, according to a 2019 study by Wharton Customer Analytics, A negative review can Decrease the probability of a prospect buying by 51% The product. In addition, obtaining advice can be useful at many levels, in particular for:

  • strengthen referencing of your website on search engines;
  • increase trust of your prospects;
  • develop your reputation and your e-reputation;
  • improve customer satisfaction and retain your existing customers.

On which channels do you get customer reviews?

Ask for a Google review

Google is one of the most used tools for obtaining customer reviews. To be able to benefit from it, you must claim or create your Google My Business page on the Google search engine. Following this action, we recommend that you create a link (URL) associated with this page, making sure to personalize its name : sharing this link with the customer will be easier and the readability will only be better!

Ask for customer reviews by email

Email: an essential tool for good customer satisfaction

Email is a very effective marketing tool for maintain a good relationship with your customers. For example, you can request a customer review by email with the addition of a link. To achieve this, you need to:

  • Write an email subject simple and accurate ;
  • personalize the email to establish a relationship of trust;
  • remind the customer of the service or product he just bought ;
  • Encourage the customer to click on your link with a call to action (CTA);
  • add an email signature including a satisfaction survey or by highlighting your Google rating to establish the credibility of your business.

Do you know Signitic? This digital solution for creating email signatures allows improve customer satisfaction by adding satisfaction surveys to your email signature banners. You can in fact personalize all your signatures, highlight a photo, an illustration, a note, a call to action: with Signitic create the email signature that suits you!


Example of an email for a customer review request

Follow this A framework to get your customers to give their opinion :

Hello Madame/Mr (customer name),

Thank you for your recent purchase at (brand name).

We hope you are happy with your purchase of the (product name). To improve the quality of our service and offer the best possible customer experience, we would like to hear your opinion on our service.

Click here to leave your opinion!

Thank you in advance for your participation.

See you very soon in our stores (brand name).

Ask for the opinion of your customers by SMS

Requesting an opinion by SMS is a very interesting opportunity for businesses, as SMS generates a notification with a link : customers will therefore not be able to ignore it for long. The link contained in the SMS can then redirect to the site where you want to get customer reviews.

There are several tips that can help you: building an effective SMS :

  • write a message with short sentences ;
  • Enunciate The purpose of the message from the start: gather the customer's opinion;
  • Add a short link (URL) to redirect the customer to your satisfaction survey.

Social networks: your best allies for collecting customer reviews

Social networks are very effective channels for Reach your customers and prospects directly. You can then ask them to get their opinions by sharing a post with a link to your Google page, a satisfaction survey or to specialized sites. In addition, did you know that your customers can also leave you reviews on your Facebook page? It is indeed possible to display clearly on your page A grade ranging from one to five : a great opportunity to show more credibility in front of your prospects. However, reviews cannot be modified or deleted: watch out for negative reviews!

Get customer reviews on specialized sites

Several sites are specialized in collecting customer reviews like Tripadvisor, the Backpacker's Guide, Trustpilot, Google, etc. The key is to choose sites related to your field of activity. Know that the more positive reviews you will have on different platforms, the more prospects will trust you.

Ask for the opinion of your customers face to face

It is also possible to ask for the opinion of a customer face to face. It is often customary to Solicit the customer quickly after the service, in particular directly orally by asking him to share his experience and to leave a comment on your Google page, website or on Facebook. However, you can use different channels to prevent the customer from forgetting to leave his opinion:

  • Introduce him A tablet to measure satisfaction;
  • Ask him to scan A QR code to leave your opinion on a questionnaire or on a dedicated platform.

When should you ask customers for feedback?

The key to easily collecting reviews is to find a fair balance between a request formulated too prematurely, so as not to annoy the customer, And a request made too late and take the risk of him forgetting to leave a review! It is then advisable to request an opinion the day after the purchase of a product, a visit or the provision of a service..

Collecting the opinions of your customers will greatly help you learn from your mistakes and better satisfy your customers in the future.

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