Social networks and email signatures: a winning strategy

Social networks and email signatures: a winning strategy

Right now, isn't the number of “likes” on your latest news exploding records? What if you gave your content a boost to give it a little more visibility? Yes, but how? We can't say it enough: think about your email signatures!

1) Relay your networks with your email signatures
When creating your new signatures, you have available buttons on which you can select and add your various social networks.

In a few clicks, all of your employees will be able to relay your social networks to all the contacts with whom they will exchange by email.
NB: Don't forget to check the links added to these buttons: A dead link Can always jeopardize your credibility.

2) Share your content through your communication banners
Is an email signature not enough for you? Bet on communication banners! The possible uses are multiple: if you want to know more, discover our article. They will be useful for communicating your latest news and encouraging your contacts to consult them.

Why should I relay my social networks?

Do you want to understand the interest of relaying your social networks via these different biases? We reveal to you 3 good reasons that might be of interest to you:

Reason 1: You boost your traffic rate
The more your contacts encounter these communication channels, the more likely they are to click on your social networks to find your content. So these are These clicks that will promote a good traffic rate to your site, your blog, thanks to your social networks. We know that if this rate is positive, Google will be satisfied: enough to improve your SEO...

Reason 2: You engage your employees
If you have not yet heard of the “employee advocacy” strategy the time has come to be curious: this technique consists in making your collaborators, company ambassadors.

Based on the long term, this strategy uses, in large part, branded content to encourage employees to become ambassadors: by sharing, “liking” certain content, they are already contributing to this objective. The rule? Bet on your employees, they will give it back to you. In summary, if you engage them with your content, you will reach your communication goals more quickly.


Reason 3: You become visible!
If your content gets a large number of views, your business will therefore be more visible on social networks, on your blog or your site. All you have to do is create quality content, adapted to your targets to promote the loyalty of your Internet users and limit the bounce rate, ultimately.

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