Employee Advocacy: Why Should You Absolutely Use It?

Employee Advocacy: Why Should You Absolutely Use It?

Did you know that your employees can promote your brand effectively? Thanks to a strong communication strategy, you can in fact Rely on your employees and their digital publications to improve your brand image. This strategy has a name: employee advocacy or employee ambassador in French. A 2019 study conducted by Sprout Social Shows that the posts posted by employees on their social networks are eight times more engaging than those of business leaders. 

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What is employee advocacy?

In French, the term employee advocacy refers to the fact of Call on its employees to promote its brand Especially through social networks and digital means. The employee then becomes an ambassador: he shares content on his own social networks in order to Promote its brand and the products or services it offers. This strategy is part of a desire to overcome the lack of trust granted to brand speeches.

The ambassador employee can thus: Create Content and Share It With Your Community and relay information, content, news that the company provides to him. In addition to the fact that your employees play a very committed role as advocates, the employee advocacy program is also part of In a social selling strategy: In other words, selling and finding new customers on social networks.

What are the benefits of employee advocacy?

Enhance brand image

What is better than showing the Total Confidence You Have In Your Employees By Letting Them Have Their Say? Your brand will be perceived more positively if you use an employee advocacy strategy, especially on social networks. You Will Put Forward Your Will To Involve Your Employee Ambassadors in the development of your brand, by giving them an important place.

In addition to conveying a positive image of your brand, you can also improve your employer brand image. Recruiting will be easier to conduct if your employees promote a pleasant working environment where everyone can thrive. In This Sense, Employee Advocacy Can Help You Reduce your recruitment costs: This will make it easier for you to attract new talent.

Be More Credible in the Eyes of the Public

Set up an employee advocacy program Will make your brand more credible! Indeed, the prospect may fear being misled by the message of a company wanting to sell its product or service at all costs. Here, the public identifies with employees who Communicate Positively About the Company on Their Own Social Networks. Indeed, the communication ofEmployee advocacy is based on the principle of peer-to-peer exchange and the message tends to be more transparent and authentic for the public!

Highlighting People and Increasing Employee Engagement

Thanks to the employee ambassador strategy, you will place the employee at the heart of your communication. It Will Then Be Valued And Perceived as an expert in his field of activity in the eyes of Internet users. In addition, the employee advocacy strategy is a very good motivator for employees responsible for better productivity at work. Motivation is in fact gained through the involvement of employees and by the feeling of belonging: you will thus be able to Retain your employees!

Increase audience and engagement through employee advocacy

You want to increase your engagement rate on digital means of communication and Reach a Wider Audience ? An employee advocacy strategy can achieve both goals! In addition, by communicating through your employees' social networks, you will reach a target different from that of your company's official accounts: enough to generate more prospects!

How do you develop an employee advocacy program?

Define the goals of employee advocacy

Each marketing or communication strategy requires An Early Reflection on the Objectives to Be Achieved. They can be varied and condition the strategy to be carried out:

  • increase social selling;
  • Find new customers ;
  • develop its reputation and create a real community;
  • Increase the Traffic on a site internet;
  • Find new collaborators by promoting a positive brand image that trusts its employees.


Train and Motivate Employees

In order to implement a good employee advocacy strategy, you need to motivate and train your employees. This strategy must be established On a voluntary basis in order to transmit authentic messages by enthusiastic people. It may be interesting to show them how participating in employee advocacy can be a source of value: new skills acquired, a positive experience that places the employee as an expert in his field, or even Better Recognition Within the Company. You can also set up a reward system for volunteers.

It is imperative that your employees are comfortable with social media. Help them get started with these tools with Advice or guides complete to successfully create engaging and engaging content:

  • using hashtags;
  • Replying to Comments ;
  • Follow the guideline and use the same tone for all publications in order to be consistent and harmonized with the company's overall communication;
  • Always put a bit of your personality into the resharing of publications;
  • Define a framework : What networks should I use? What content should I publish? What information can be shared? ;
  • Put in place a toolbox to simplify content creation;
  • Give examples.

Use Relevant Employee Advocacy Tools

In order to successfully carry out your employee advocacy strategy, you need to a reasoned choice of your communication tools. Indeed, you cannot communicate in the same way on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even TikTok. The tone you choose and the target you want to reach will help you choose your communication channels.

However, an employee advocacy program does not only rely on social networks, but also on:

  • An intranet to distribute content that can be used by your ambassador employees;
  • the creation of Call to action to generate traffic on the website or increase the rate of transformation of prospects into customers;
  • one custom email signature to value your employee ambassadors and increase customer loyalty.

Track key performance indicators (KPIs)

To ensure that your employee advocacy strategy works the way you want it to, you must: monitor your results through key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure:

  • The engagement rate: number of likes, comments, shares;
  • the rate of transformation of prospects into customers;
  • the number of contacts generated;
  • traffic on the website ;
  • The number of sales, requests for quotes, calls received or requests for information on your services or products.

Don't forget to share these results with your employee ambassadors to boost their motivation!

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