What format for a professional email signature?

What format for a professional email signature?

According to a 2019 Médiametry study, 22.7 million French people connected to their inboxes daily. Emails are one of the communication channels most used by the French, especially in the professional world. In this sense, this internal and external means of communication represents a real asset and a unique opportunity to enhance the image of a company. Email signatures offer the possibility of marking the memory of the recipient while guaranteeing a good transmission of information. To achieve these objectives, the email signature must therefore be thought out to the smallest detail : sizes, images, weights, logos, etc.

With Signitic, discover the elements that should not be overlooked to create a relevant professional email signature.

What professional email signature format should you choose?

What role does the format of an email signature banner play?

While it must guarantee the identification of the sender of the email at a glance, the email signature must be able to Make an impression ! True digital business card, it must be responsive and creative. Its format thus plays a key role for its readability: an email banner must be able to can be read easily on all media. The email signature format should also make it possible to integrate your company's graphic codes for better identification with your interlocutors.

The different types of professional email signatures

There is no one-size-fits-all email signature model. Signatures can be simply textual: that's the format The easiest to make. However, this type of signature is not the most relevant, it is not personalized and only contains the sender's name, first name and job title.

It is possible to add an image format to your professional email signature to increase personalization. While this solution offers numerous content options, the image format cannot always be read on some interfaces.

For a suitable signature format, choose the HTML format:

  • You can personalize all of your signature and let your creativity express itself. Insert texts, images, various contents, etc.;
  • all media are compatible with this format for an optimal display guaranteed.

What are the elements and dimensions of a professional email signature?

The dimensions of an email signature

The dimensions of the email banner determine the good visibility of the signature on the various supports.

There are two standard sizes:

  • 600 pixels wide : adapted to computers;
  • 320 pixels wide: recommended for mobile phones.


The weight of an email signature and the size of an image

Weight greatly influences The time it took to load the signature in the email, reduces your storage space and can sometimes block the sending of your email. In order to ensure that your email signature is displayed correctly, we recommend that you do not exceed a weight of 50 KB, the ideal being 25 KB. Likewise, Choose a small image for a faster download.

What elements does an email signature banner consist of?

Email signature information should be in line with your strategy : do you simply need to introduce yourself or do you want to insert a call to action to a page on your website? Or both?

In all cases, to meet your diverse and varied expectations, a relevant email signature banner must include:

  • the Name and surname of the sender;
  • the position held;
  • a photo;
  • the company logo and a link to its website ;
  • a shortcut to the various social networks;
  • a telephone number and an email address;
  • A call to action if required.

The Signitic solution for a professional email signature

Do you need to personalize your emails with a banner adapted to your sector of activity? Choose Signitic : a simple and effective solution for creating email signatures in one click! You can personalize the content, centralize the signatures of all your employees and distribute your emails with your new communication tool!

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