Why focus on your emails in B2B?

Why focus on your emails in B2B?

Accessible to all budgets and more than profitable, your emails are worth gold! At Signitic, we like to remind you how your email signatures can make a difference in an inbound marketing strategy. Perhaps these few numbers will help you to see things more clearly!

All professionals read their emails!

Every day, a professional user transmits 30 emails and receive 49, on average. They are also very active and consult, For three quarters, their emails between 9:00am and 1:00pm, for 97% of them, via their computer. The exchange of emails is an integral part of the daily life of professionals, which is why they represent THE global and low-cost channel.

Exploit the potential of your emails, they will return it to you!
On the profitability side, email is again breaking records. It is estimated that the ROI of email marketing is around 2 times higher compared to that of other digital levers and is well ahead of traditional media channels (television, radio, etc.).


According to theLitmus study carried out at 372 marketers, the average ROI of email marketing is 3800%, In other words, email is effective, powerful, and more than profitable.

And to go further?
It is estimated that 52% of Internet users prefer email as a channel for interacting with brands and that transactional emails generate about twofold more engagement than marketing emails. Enough to tip the balance in favor of your email signatures...


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