How to add an HTML signature on Outlook

How to add an HTML signature on Outlook

To promote themselves and promote their numerous services or offers, businesses must now rely on a major communication channel: The HTML email signature ! The only problem? Outlook, Messaging system, which is widely used in France, does not offer the possibility of creating this type of attractive and responsive signature directly on its platform.

Don't panic! If there is a specific process for add a simple signature on Outlook, the same goes for the HTML signature.

Signitic explains how Add an HTML signature to Outlook in 4 steps !

What is an HTML signature?

The HTML format (HyperText Markup Language: markup language for hypertext in French) is a computer language which makes it possible to define web pages, format their content and add multimedia resources. Concretely, an HTML signature is a responsive and more dynamic signature with Call To Action (CTA) or communication banners for example.

The 4 steps to add an HTML signature to Outlook

Step 1: Create your signature on Word

It is appropriate to create your signature on Word and then insert it into your email client. You will thus be able to incorporate tables and a particular structure that is impossible to do directly in Outlook. Start with open a new Word sheet then create your signature with The layout of your choice: bold, font size, logo, etc.

Step 2: Save your signature as HTML

Once you are happy with your creation, you need to register it:

  • click on “Save as” ;
  • Name your file ;
  • choose the “filtered web page” option (HTML) in the “file type” tab;
  • save your file in the “Signatures” directory that you will find in “Users” > “Users” > “Users” > “Appdata” > “Roaming” > “Signatures”.

Step 3: Use HTML code editor software

Have you chosen to boost your signature with images? To do so, you must use HTML code editor software, at the risk that your images may not be displayed correctly on all media. To do this, open your document in the software, go to the line that contains the coding of your image and replace it with The URL of your image. Don't forget to save your signature again!


Step 4: Insert the HTML signature on Outlook

After saving your file, log in to your Outlook account and then go to “Files” > “Options” > “Mail” > “Signatures” : your signature should be displayed! Define your “default” signature for all your emails: news, replies and transfers. Click “OK” : adding your HTML signature to Outlook is now complete!

Easily create and add an HTML signature to Outlook using the Signitic solution!

To save time and add an HTML signature to Outlook in just a few clicks, use the Signitic email signature generator ! As a result, attractive, 100% personalized HTML signatures that will be displayed correctly on all email clients and on all media: computer, tablet or mobile phone !

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