Relationship marketing: what strategy should be put in place?

Relationship marketing: what strategy should be put in place?

Marketing is a technique that leads a prospect to buy a product or service through communication channels and levers and a well-defined strategy beforehand. Often, marketing is product-oriented, so it is called traditional or transactional marketing. However, there is also a marketing focused on customer satisfaction, called relational marketing: the customer then becomes central to the strategy. Relationship marketing is very successful Since the massive use of the Internet and social networks, even if it was only mentioned for the first time in the 1980s.

In the age of digital technology and the ultra-personalization of the customer/company relationship, customers have more than ever the power to express themselves on their needs and it is becoming essential to meet their expectations. Signitic guides you to to establish perfect customer relationship management thanks to relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing: definition and challenges

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing places the customer at the heart of its strategy in order to create a strong and lasting bond between the company and him : it's the customer-centric strategy. Relationship marketing seeks to build loyalty over the long term. To do this, a personalized marketing strategy that meets the needs of each customer is set up. It is then a question of being more attentive to the customer, improving mutual trust and exchanging with him regularly.

What are the principles of relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is based on a strong relationship between a brand and its prospects, thanks to interactive or “human-to-human” marketing. The consumer does not buy a product, but a brand and its values: they go to brands they trust. To create this strong bond even before the buying journey, relational marketing is based on the following principles:

  • Make yourself known on a variety of communication channels;
  • To be loved by consumers thanks to the values and commitments of the company;
  • create trust thanks to transparent actions and regular exchanges.

Why use relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is certainly a strategy where the customer plays a central role, but it does not does not happen at the expense of company performance, quite the opposite.

Initially, this strategy can help you assert an identity different from that of your competitors : a brand that listens to its customers is always more appreciated and engaging. This very authentic image and Focused on humans will help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones. In addition, you will be able to personalize the customer buying journey to best satisfy them!

What are the best relationship marketing strategies to adopt?

Social networks to build customer loyalty

Social networks are essential communication channels for keeping a community alive: your prospects can speak easily and feel close to the ideas conveyed and defended by your brand. The key is the responsiveness you will demonstrate in your exchanges! You can also share content to retain your customers : share your values, but also set up surveys to encourage your target audience to interact with you.

An infallible after-sales service

In order to strengthen your image and your relationship of trust with your customers, you should not neglect customer service or after-sales service! A satisfied customer is a customer who will give good feedback on your site or all around him. Responsiveness and listening are essential, then consider using different means of managing customer relationships: telephone number, email support, chatbot on the website, etc.


Emails and email signatures to improve acquisition and loyalty

Email is a communication tool that offers the possibility of create a close relationship with your target by sending personalized messages, but also adapted offers. Indeed, this strategy is not limited to promotional actions: corporate news, newsletters, free content, etc.

Did you know that email signatures can play an essential role in relationship marketing and customer loyalty? You can in fact increase the conversion rate of your prospects, strengthen a strong brand image and Give your customers a voice with:

  • one Incentive to leave a review with a satisfaction survey directly integrated into the email signature banner;
  • Your company's score awarded by Google My Business or Trustpilot, clearly marked in the banner and updated in real time.

Signitic: a solution for creative email signatures!

You need to personalize your emails with a banner adapted to your marketing strategy? Signitic allows you to create your own email signature in order to improve your communication andincrease the loyalty of your customers. Discover our digital solutions for planning campaigns, analyzing impact and creating email signatures in one click.

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