The key steps to create your new email banner campaigns

The key steps to create your new email banner campaigns

Who says new year says new campaigns! To do this, we decided to share with you the essential steps for creating your new email banners...

1) To get started (and if you haven't already) have a look at your N-1 stats!

Go to our “Statistics” tab in order to measure the effectiveness of your 2020 campaigns: you know, it is not always easy to quantify the results of your activity, which is why at Signitic we offer you the possibility to analyze your click rates!

Are your results up to your expectations? Perfect let's keep up the momentum! If, on the contrary, some of your banners did not have the expected number of clicks, do not panic! It's time to catch up and do better: The message, the period or even the segmentation of your users may need to be reviewed...

2) Analyze: How often for what campaign?

The first question is this: What are your communication goals this year? If your goal is to increase visibility, it is highly recommended to communicate on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if your objective is mainly to engage your community, it will be better to focus on the quality of your content over quantity. While this last piece of advice applies to all goals, it's even more so when it comes to commitment.

Regarding the periods, it is important to follow the calendar of your sector of activity and to adapt your communication schedule according to these news. Some periods will be more favorable for recruiting for example and communicating with your candidates.


3) Create new banners

Your communication goals are clear, now is the time to create your new banners! Say goodbye to your “Best Wishes” banner;)

Here are a few examples: It's the sales period! Take the opportunity to communicate about your offers and promotions

Are you organizing an event next month? Your email banners are the perfect communication channel to inform your entire ecosystem in a simple and effective way...

Do you want to pass on important information to all of your employees, are you reopening your premises partially? Take advantage of our tool for maximum visibility!

To do this, the tool Canva (directly integrated into Signitic) will be your best ally! It's up to you to play...

4) Plan your future email banners for the next few weeks

You can now program your banners! The tool is directly accessible when integrating your new banners on Signitic. Assured timing and no surprise effects! All you have to do is choose the right periods for your business to operate...

This article is already over, we hope you enjoyed it.
Stay connected, more tips are coming soon on the blog!

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