Are your email signatures a SMART channel?

Are your email signatures a SMART channel?

In marketing, for an indicator to be valid, we say that it must be SMART : Sspecific, Mmeasurable, Aambitious, Rrealistic and Limitated in the TWeather. So, we decided to replicate the exercise with your email signatures in order to help you exploit their potential!

1) Signatures, super easy to create!
Ah.. simplicity, let's talk about it. On the platform Signitic, in a few clicks, you can create a signature that suits you, with no technical knowledge required. It will of course be necessary to take care of it to facilitate its impact but also to be quickly identified by your interlocutors.

2) A “statistics” feature to measure
Creating a large number of email signatures is a great idea but measuring their effectiveness would be even smarter! On Signitic you can analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and signatures thanks to the “statistics” feature: JI find out how it works. Not bad for studying the number of clicks on your signatures and it's up to you to find the beautiful dashboards!

3) Signatures for all ambitions
As with any strategy, you have goals to achieve. Living up to your ambitions, your signatures will be able to meet your communication goals adapted to the current situation of your business.

Visibility, brand image improvement or even conversion, whatever your needs, your signatures will lend themselves to it! The key? Always know your purpose before you start designing your content.


4) Achievable: they generate little investment
Preparing campaigns and getting results? YES it is possible! Do you want to know more about the effectiveness of this channel? Find out why bet on your emails! More concretely, the management of your email signatures requires very little time since they are centralized and automated.

In terms of return on investment, The results are quite encouraging ! In addition, you can add communication banners to your signatures, which maximizes your return on investment.

5) Each period has its signature
As you know, your campaigns have a limited duration: whether they are communication banners or signatures, you can schedule a broadcast date for your campaigns and choose to change your signature whenever you want.

Do you have questions about the solution? We are never very far away: let's go to the chat on Signitic !

Card signature mockupSignature card SigniticSignature card SigniticCard signature mockupSignature card SigniticCard signature mockup

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