What communication should you choose for your webinars?

What communication should you choose for your webinars?

Derived from the contraction of Web and seminar (seminar), the term webinar or webinar in English refers to a online conference run by a company or organization. While its objectives may vary, the webinar is generally used as part of B to B sale (business to business), that is to say between professionals. According to a study published in 2018 by IT social and CMTI, The webinar is an information medium chosen by 52% by IT directors (information technology)! By offering greater notoriety and generating new leads, this type of conference presents many strategic challenges for a company, such as attracting numerous participants. To do this, it is essential to set up an effective communication strategy !

To promote your webinar, various communication tools are available to you: social networks, emailing, etc. If digital media are very efficient, it is important to use them wisely to To arouse the curiosity of Internet users and encourage them to participate in your online conference.

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Why do a webinar?

H3 Varied uses

For promote your brand image, why not do a webinar? This communication tool is available in numerous possibilities of use :

  • distance education;
  • project coordination;
  • product presentation;
  • customer meeting;
  • introduction to a new tool.

The benefits of the webinar

Why do a webinar? While it covers a variety of themes, this event also offers numerous advantages and opportunities for a business:

  • better brand image and new customers whether your information is relevant;
  • an invested public thanks to the permanent interaction between speakers and participants via a dedicated chat during the conference;
  • better visibility thanks to a larger audience that is not forced to travel to participate;
  • a lower cost in terms of logistics and events;
  • A time-saver in the organization of the event.

Organize a webinar So allows Make yourself known to a targeted audience, but effective communication tools should be used to bring together as many participants as possible.

Communication around its webinars: what are the tools to recommend?

A website

Promoting a webinar always starts with creating a website dedicated to the presentation of your event. Potential participants must find all Key information : the schedule, the subject covered, the registration procedures, the link to the conference, etc.

To attract an even larger audience, it is strongly recommended toadd pop-ups on pages related to the theme of your webinar, taking care to add a link to your website. The pop-up is materialized by a window that opens automatically and which makes it possible to attract the attention of an audience that does not yet know you, but who may be of interest to the subject discussed during your webinar.


According to a 2019 study, Email is 40 times more effective than Twitter or Facebook in acquiring new customers, so it's a communication tool to be preferred for promoting a webinar. Thanks to your customer database, you can send numerous invitations and follow up with your recipients through a series of automated emails. To encourage them to participate in the webinar, it is important to Take good care of the content of your emails :

  • Only share Essential information ;
  • Write a short and attractive object ;
  • Place a Relevant Call To Action (CTA) that links to your website.

If your business offers A newsletter, email is a particularly suitable place to advertise your webinar! The recipients of this newsletter are interested in your offers, so they are likely to subscribe to it! After your webinar, use the newsletter and emailing to sharing the highlights of your conference and for maintain the link with your participants.

Social networks

Although emailing is the key communication tool to increase the number of participants in your webinar, social networks also have many advantages, in particular by offering: greater visibility.

While it is sometimes interesting to use Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook remain the most relevant social networks for communicating around a webinar thanks to a specific feature: The “event” page. Regularly publish diversified content, photos or videos to arouse the curiosity of your users and make them want to take part.

The importance of videos

To announce a webinar, The teasing video is an imponderable! Present The main lines of your conference and the various stakeholders : at the end of the teasing, Internet users must want to know more! Likewise, if your webinar is available in replay, you can acquire a larger audience and avoid scheduling constraints.


Effective communication of your webinars thanks to the email signature!

The email signature: a powerful communication tool

Have you ever thought about customizing your email signature with a CTA to promote a webinar? A more discreet communication tool, the email signature is however relevant and effective for give visibility at your event! A study reveals that in 2021, 1.4 billion emails were sent every day in France : a unique opportunity to make yourself known!

Add a CTA to your email signature gives all your recipients the opportunity to learn more about your event!

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