Tips for adding an effective CTA to your email signature

Tips for adding an effective CTA to your email signature

To facilitate the connection of a company with its customers or prospects, emailing is a particularly effective communication tool. In fact, According to 89% of marketing professionals, email is the main tool for generating leads. The challenge is high: to attract the attention of your recipients. Among all the levers available to achieve this objective, adding a Call To Action (CTA) in your email signature is a strategic choice! In the form of a clickable button, the CTA offers a direct link between a content page and an offer page. While it increases the conversion rate of your readers into customers, it is also an ideal tool to promote your offers.

An email signature is a support offering good visibility to the CTA and facilitates the sharing of your corporate news to all your recipients. For it to be effective and relevant, however, the CTA must respect specific rules and objectives.

Learn why and how to add an effective CTA to your email signature with Signitic.

What is a CTA?

Definition of a call to action

The call to action in the marketing world is a formulation, a word, an image, or a sentence that encourages a potential customer to Do a specific action, requested by the advertiser. While it can be positioned on a website or a blog, the CTA is particularly effective for a company when it is placed in an email signature.

The operation of the call to action is very simple: it is materialized by a button on which an Internet user can click to access an offer, to buy a product, to subscribe to a newsletter, etc. With a simple click, it is then redirected to a landing page which invites him to take action. Concretely, the main objective of a call to action is toattract new customers And of promote your offers.

Some examples of call to action emails

If the term call to action seems foreign to you, you are nevertheless confronted with it on a daily basis: did you know that your inbox is full of CTAs?

Here it is Some examples of call to action sentences that should be familiar to you:

  • click here;
  • discover our offers;
  • ask for a demo;
  • receive our newsletter.

What are the challenges of a CTA in an email signature?

In the business world, email is an essential communication channel: it allows you to get in touch with prospects or to exchange with your customers. By adding a call to action to your email signature, you considerably increase the visibility of your offer and your chances ofimprove the conversion rate of your readers into prospects and then into customers. It is in sense a particularly effective way to meet your business goals, regardless of the content.

The whole purpose of the CTA lies in promoting offers offered by your company. In particular, you can use it to promote:

With an effective CTA, you increase your customer portfolio, you increase the number of participants in your events and you invite readers to Find out about the latest news about your company.

What are the advantages of an effective CTA in an email signature?

Win new customers

Whenever you send an email, keep in mind that the recipient represents a potential customer. With an effective call to action, each email you send to your recipient represents an opportunity for your business.

The email call to action also makes conversion work easier. For your readers to take action, it is important to provide all the information necessary for the prospect to best understand The context of the offer. All he has to do is click to access additional information if the offer caught his attention. Without a clickable link, the prospect will be less likely to search for more information.

Facilitate the promotion of your offers

Whatever the subject of your email, a CTA wisely placed in your email signature allows you to share a news or an offer about your business. In this sense, your CTA does not necessarily have to be linked to the content of the email: you can promote it without taking into account the context. If you are organizing a trade show, a call to action email can thus promote it to as many people as possible.


How to create an effective CTA in your email signature?

What are the characteristics of an effective CTA?

To encourage your customers to act, a call to action in the field of marketing must imperatively Attract attention and Make the prospect want to click.

To create a powerful call to action adapted to your offer:

  • Take care of its visual aspect so that it is pleasant to read and clearly visible. Play with fonts and colors and preferably position it on an email banner;
  • Define its objective (promotion of a white paper, a webinar, etc.) to find the right words that will specify the context of the offer to the prospect;
  • associate it with your business, keep the same design and graphic universe as your email signature;
  • choose a short and catchy formula : to do this, use action verbs in the imperative form that will encourage the prospect to act;
  • Don't overlook the rest of your email signature, it is important that the email recipient can easily know the identity of the advertiser to facilitate contact.

The Signitic solution for an effective CTA

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