How to communicate well about a corporate event?

How to communicate well about a corporate event?

For Make yourself known and promote their brand, a large number of companies choose to organize events such as conferences, congresses or seminars. A study thus reveals that 380,000 corporate and institutional events took place in 2018 in metropolitan France. For your event project to be a success, however, it is necessary to set up a effective event communication strategy. If it makes it possible to gain visibility and encourage your guests to take part, communication must be a priority in planning an event. Communicating about a corporate event requires rely on numerous digital tools powerful like social networks or emailing.

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What is the point of a corporate event?

The advantages of a corporate event

While corporate events can take various forms, their advantages are numerous and essential for the proper functioning of society. In this sense, they promote:

  • The valorization of your brand image ;
  • A bigger one notoriety ;
  • A better team cohesion ;
  • The acquisition of new customers ;
  • one strengthened link with your employees ;
  • improving your internal and external communication strategy.

What communication strategy for a corporate event?

Corporate events require the establishment of a long-term communication strategy organized in several stages:

  • a communication before the event to make your guests want to take part;
  • A communication during the event to be able to follow it remotely and give it more impact through wide distribution;
  • A communication after the event to report on its success and maintain the link with your guests.

Communication work is therefore done over time! Keeping in touch with your community is essential both well in advance of your event to Stimulate their curiosity What after for her to continue take an interest in your business.

Event communication: what are the tools to recommend?

A website dedicated to the event

The creation of a website dedicated to your event must be the culmination of your communication campaign. The aim is to centralize all information relating to your event: the date, the location, the schedule, the registration form, etc. The site must be clear and legible so that your users can easily register.

To make your event more attractive, Pay particular attention to the design of your website. Feel free to create a specific logo and post photos or videos: the images are always more engaging and appealing for the Internet user.

Social networks

Using social networks is essential to offer better visibility at your corporate event. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be the most appropriate to create a page or an account dedicated to your project. If your target audience is quite large and diverse, social networks such as Instagram or Tik tok can however be relevant acquisition levers !

For your event to arouse the interest of Internet users, it is important to share content regularly :

  • testimonies;
  • interviews;
  • behind the scenes photos;
  • live videos;
  • teasing videos;
  • contests.

Have you ever thought about Use influencers ? Thanks to their large number of subscribers, they can greatly contribute to promoting your event and therefore, Increase the number of registrations !


For send your invitations, emailing is a particularly effective communication tool. The object should be direct and concise so your guests understand that it's not advertising or spam.

Si 9 out of 10 marketing managers used emailing to deliver content in 2019, this is because it also allows you to maintaining contact with its community:

  • Reminder of key information such as date and location;
  • sending satisfaction surveys after the event;
  • thanking Of the guests for their participation;
  • sharing photos and videos who marked the event.

Paper supports

Although digital communication is essential in events, paper is also of great interest, especially on the day of the event. By distributing programs, flyers, and flyers, you strengthen your brand image.


Gain visibility with your email signature

The advantage of a Call To Action (CTA) in an email signature

Adding a call to action to your email signature is a effective way to advertise at events !

The call to action button is a visual element that a visitor can click to be redirected to a new web page. If you Place a CTA in your email signature, all your recipients can click on it. Give preference to short and direct formulas that will make your readers want to come, such as “register for our event.” To encourage your reader to participate, the CTA must direct them to the website dedicated to your project!

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